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4 Reasons to Buy TA-65 from Dr. Park

Get Dr. Park's Special Instructions
Dr. Park’s recommendations for taking TA-65 are the opposite of the manufacturer’s. His instructions may help you better recognize what changes should be occurring and also maximize your benefits from taking TA-65.
Price Matching
The pricing below for TA-65 is determined by the manufacturer, TA Sciences. We will match any current and verifiable advertised prices. Simply call us at (714) 369-8633 with the relevant links.
Free, signed copy of Telomere Timebombs
Order TA-65 from Recharge Biomedical and you will receive a free, signed copy of Telomere Timebombs: Defusing the Terror of Aging  –or what one reviewed called, “The best explanation of TA-65 to date.”  A $19.95 value.
Dr. Park has the Most Clinical Experience with TA-65
In addition to being the first independent physician to take and then offer TA-65, Dr. Park has monitored the progress of more patients than any other physician. As his videos and book demonstrate, he is the world’s leading authority on Telomerase Activation Medicine.  Some may decide to have direct access to Dr. Park for just a small adminstrative fee.

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Click for info on my book, "Telomere Timebombs: Defusing the Terror of Aging"


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  1. Hello, I’m confused. What is the difference between TA-65 and the product Recharge which I have purchased? Thank you

  2. dr. park –

    we met at RAADFEST a few days ago (i am the neuropsychologist based in south fla who briefly shared some of my illustrations). i felt definite boost of energy thru the day after 2 TAl-65 tablets per days (2 dosings over 2 days). would like to start trial starter program.

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