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No matter where you purchase your Telomerase Activator, you should avail yourself of the twelve years of clinical experience from the world’s only expert in this field, Dr. Ed Park.  Most of our patients never come in but are managed instead with emails and phone consultations.

Of course, we prefer to see you in person. That allows us to give you a comprehensive profile of your PhysioAge as a benchmark for measuring the effects of telomerase activation.

New! As of May, 2019, house calls will available in the continental US for at home EXOSOME treatment with full PhysioAge and blood testing by prior arrangement. Call for more information.

We do not accept insurance but Dr. Park’s charges are affordable:

Office consultations:    $500, includes PhysioAge Biomarker testing (a $500 value consisting of a PhysioAge report, CNSVS cognitive testing, lungs, skin, circulation, and any of the optional blood tests below:

Blood tests: (add on expense charged at cost)

 $300 (Life Length Telomere test)

 $300 (Repeat Diagnostics Telomeres test)

         $300 (UCLA senescent T-Cell assay; only available in person)

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TA-65 is not intended to prevent or cure any disease.
By standard definitions, "Aging" is not a disease.