Is Bo Derek still a “perfect 10” at age 58?

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I enjoyed this interview with Bo Derek, who muses about how she objectified herself to make her films and persona.

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She states that on the one hand she gets credit for not having a facelift, yet on the other hand people wonder “why doesn’t she DO something”? 


Is beauty really only skin deep?  What if she had started adaptogens back when she was 16 and dating John Derek?  



Funny enough, that’s the premise of a new movie called “Age of Adeline” starring Harrison Ford and Blake Lively.

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I know several famous actors taking adaptogenic supplements but in truth, they are much more effective for younger people.  It is like changing your car’s oil every 2500 miles after owning the car for fifteen years versus right off the showroom floor.

For any actor wanting to preserve their instrument, you should seriously consider adaptogens because the camera doesn’t always see beneath the surface and now, there is a way to preserve your beauty at the fundamental cellular level.  Go to to learn about my supplement, RECHARGE.

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