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Patients often wonder if after stopping TA-65, their cells will age even faster.  The answer is no; although unpleasant physical withdrawal symptoms are a common complaint after stopping anabolic hormones such as HGH (Human Growth Hormone) injections and sex hormones (testosterone and estrogens.)

Unlike hormones, Telomerase activation doesn’t supercharge gene expression,  it merely recharges the protective length of telomeres, like rechargeable batteries. That charge will then be shared with neighboring telomeres by rebalancing and prevent chromosomal damage that can lead to many, if not most, human diseases.

The musical, Bye, Bye Birdie asked: “What’s the matter with kids today?”

Well, if they inherited their parents’ telomere erosion, there would be a lot wrong with them! They’d be born older and with the DNA damage that mom and dad had acquired before reproducing.

But when a new life is created in a single cell fertilized egg, the telomere length is magically reset, like a pinball machine, to 15,000 base pairs, and the integrity of the DNA library inheritance is nearly error-free from highly error-protected egg and sperm cells.

A lot of cell division means a lot of telomere loss

In fact, because of the frenzied in utero growth and differentiation, you had already burned through 5,000 base pairs, so that on your birthday, only 10,000 remained.


Since birth, you have lost and average of 1,000 base pairs per decade but lost them faster during stress, whether infectious, toxic, emotional, or from overuse. So, if you’re 60 years old, they could be as short as 4,000 base pairs in some types of stem cells.

Telomerase moves you back up the escalator

Think of your body’s stem cell telomere maintenance efforts like a an effort to walk or run back up a downward-traveling escalator.  Unlike run-of-the-mill cells, which die off from natural telomere shortening, stem cells use telomerase activation to print more and more telomere length.

Unhealthy living slows your upward movement, and may even make you descend faster towards the basement. In contrast, healthy living, via telomerase activation, allows you to run back up the escalator.  Since stopping TA-65 doesn’t speed up the escalator,  you will simply resume your descent from a higher level.


Telomere erosion can be slowed or even reversed by telomerase activation, whether by exercise, good nutrition, psychosocial and emotional balance, or sleep.  Now, TA-65 is available to you as the world’s first safe and effective telomerase activator.  Think of it as an hour of cardiovascular exercise, four servings of fruits and vegetables, an hour of prayer or mediation, and eight hours of sleep, all in a tiny capsule!  Taking TA-65 is a way to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for people who don’t have the time, inclination, or discipline to do so but do have the equivalent of a Grande Latte and muffin ($6.60) to spend on themselves daily.


Postscript: For more inspiration from a real-life ‘windmill tilter,’ check out this story about an 80 year-old gentleman named Peter Hildreth who was banned from running up escalators.

People never change...only their stem cells do

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