Which 76-yo telomeres would you rather have?

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I would guess that his telomere length would have been LONGER three years ago because there would have been many stem cells in crisis with lengthening but damaged chromosomes. But I believe his percentage of critically-shortened telomeres would have been higher (typically in the teens)

Back pain webinar

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For those of you who suffer or know someone who suffers from back pain (i.e. everyone), here is a webinar with a patient of mine whose pain reversed and who actually regrew his vertebrae.

Harold Rosen does the swinging rings at age 88

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You can take his word for it when he says the TA-65 is helping or you can ascribe it to the placebo effect or other factors.

All I know is, they both love taking TA-65 and have been doing so for over three years now.

Bob Seitz is 85-years young and getting younger

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We were both pleased to learn that his test in October of 2014 showed a median length of 9,500 base pairs (or up to 25 years improvement) and a reduction to 8.3% critically-shortened telomeres (or a 38% relative reduction):

Thriving after breast cancer

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Just yesterday, I was speaking with my patient who remarked that her 88 year old husband and she hadn’t gotten the usual colds for years since starting TA-65. If what we think about immune senescence being at the heart of aging, then it is encouraging that so many patients taking a telomerase activator report decreased severity and frequency of colds and flus.