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“It’s fantastic, my sleep is really good.  I feel like I look better when I’m taking it and I just feel like my skin is a little more vibrant.”

– Keith Clearwater, PGA Golfer   (More from Keith in PODCAST 009: Sleep)


“If I could take just one supplement,  it would be TA-65 because it is like the master. You know, if you can put the telomeres back on,  you allow repair to happen.”

– Rocky C, a 60 yo chemical engineer  (More from Rocky in PODCAST 007: Back Pain)


“My body is starting to feel even better than before, as far as athletically. I’m just able to do a lot better.”

– Daniela M (36 yo)


“I do believe that TA-65 is helping – my husband and I both feel great!  Just wanted to say THANKS!!”

– Deborah C (57 yo)


”Boy, it’s been fantastic! I don’t have to take any more anti-inflammatory drugs. I’ve noticed that I have increased flexibility and because of that, my attitude is a heck of a lot better. I’m looking forward to playing the best golf of my life.“

– Ray Carrasco, Professional Golfer  (More from Ray PODCAST 007: Back Pain)


“My body is getting firmer.  I’m getting more hair on my scalp.   I was losing a lot of hair,  but not anymore.”

– Manish G (46 yo)


“My face is more vibrant since the first week I started taking it.”

– Ramona A  (37 yo)


“I do feel that since I’ve been taking TA-65,  I can move and function like I used to.   Now I can just stand up like I did when I was in grade school!  I definitely recommend it.  The experience has been a dramatic improvement in my macular degeneration and also just my overall health and moving around.   I’ve got a lot more spring to my step.”

– Don B (77 yo)   Click to hear from Don (PODCAST 008: Vision)


“My ability to achieve orgasm with a condom on is better. My stamina is better…”

– Michael K (47 yo)


“My vision, I started to notice is a little sharper.  When I exercise,  I don’t feel as sore as I used to and I don’t feel exhausted like I used to.   The hair on my arms is growing and it’s getting darker.  I’m very pain free even after workouts.  I don’t get any arthritis pains or anything like that…”

– Bill H (77 yo)


“My energy and healing is amazing.”

– Keica C (47 yo)


“My gum health has improved.  The dentist noticed right away.”

– George M (55 yo)


“I am seeing a firmness return to my skin and my eyelashes are longer!  My husband’s skin is better, firmer and crow’s feet are improved.”

– Dorothy W (57 yo)


“This is the cutting edge…”

– Greg G, MD (55 yo)


“Best thing is arthritis in my hands has gone, apart from stiffness in one thumb.  As we’re having a very cold winter in New Zealand, to be able to have pain free hands is wonderful.”

– Anne N (62 yo)


“My hip and lower back have pained me for years, but I have no pain at all now and my hip no longer gives out on me.  I am so happy.  Since my stroke I have struggled with just daily living, now I see light at the end of the tunnel!”

– Pam N (59 yo)


“Personally I think this is the cutting edge…  It’s remarkable!  I never really got good sleep for about 15 years. The first night that I took it, I slept really well.”

– Billie S (67 yo)


“My skin felt more supple within weeks.  My hair got thicker and fuller after about 3 months.  I have to get my hair cut more often now.”

– Jane P (43 yo)


“Process is working great.  Golfing improved.  I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in my ball striking.”

– Steven M (64 yo)


“I’m feeling better and sleeping better.  I’m working out more regularly and losing the weight.”

– Cathy L (50 yo)


“Fingernails grow like a son-of-a-gun…”

– Wilfred C  (80 yo)


“I feel so much better in my body. My life quality is so much better that I’m afraid to ever stop taking TA-65.”

– Nina H


“My hair is continuing to get several shades darker. Energy level is off the charts. Before I would put on weight , but now I can eat anything, you know and in fact, I continue to lose it.  That’s kind of crazy. Weight control is awesome”

– Kent M (69 yo)


“For over 10 years, I’ve been suffering with back pain.  Now, I have none!”

– Alem Melaku (45 yo, mother of twins) (More from Alem PODCAST 007: Back Pain)


“I really noticed an improvement in my eyesight within the first two weeks and definitely a little bit more energy.  I’ve noticed my fingernails are definitely growing faster.”

– Bruce W (49 yo)


“My mobility in my thumb improved.”

– Robert B (60 yo)


“I don’t believe in putting chemicals into my system unless it’s absolutely necessary. I feel that I’m responsible for my own body.  I don’t allow anybody to do anything on me or to do any treatment unless I agree and I’m convinced that this is the best treatment.”

– Anita Gross (70 yo)   (Click for more from Anita (PODCAST 006: Bone Health)


“I have more energy and I feel stronger…”

– Joe A (63 yo)


“The amazing thing is not only I sleep better, I do not feel depressed anymore.  My personality is getting more positive and I am more optimistic…”

– Penny Lee (47 yo, Former Model) (More from Penny in PODCAST 009: Sleep)


“I had cut my hair and noticed the gray hair that usually fell off the trimmer was much  darker than usual.”

– Ralph P (59 yo)


“I’m sleeping more soundly and more hours.”

– Nancy C (63 yo)


“One of the most significant changes I’ve noticed was improved eyesight.  I wear drugstore eyeglasses and then I found out I didn’t even need them.”

– Bill B (56 yo)


“I’m sleeping much better so I’m feeling better.”

– Chuck H, (50 yo, CEO of a tech company) (More from Chuck in PODCAST 009: Sleep)


“My energy level is higher and I’m more alert when I wake up. That’s what really tells me that something is working.”

– Michael F (58 yo)


“I sheared 80 shrubs in two hours…as I would have in my 40’s.  My neighbors commented they had never seen anything like it.  Taking TA-65 is good for my stamina.”

– Karen F (68 yo)


“I kind of blew out my knee when I was younger so I would get up and I would be limping for good 10-15 minutes and it’s gotten a lot better…a lot better.”

– Cary A (42 yo)


“I have a lot more physical energy. I can go uphill without even noticing that I am doing it.”

– Linda M (69 yo)


“I just have an overall improved sense of well-being. It’s been great.”

– Steve M (46 yo)


“I feel more lucid, more tranquil. Sleeping is great and I feel good throughout the day. My sleep is longer and deeper and my naps are wonderful.”

– Henry M (58 yo)


“I have more energy and I feel different entirely.  I often didn’t think I would even make it to my next birthday,  but now I’m all there…”

– Lilo Reichenbach (90 yo)


“Since taking TA-65, I have had less allergies.  I have not been sneezing and my nasal passages are definitely more clear.  Also, decreased soreness.  I have had chronic back pain for years and the level of soreness has gone down.”

– Bryan K (34 yo)


“My eyesight improved.  I couldn’t believe it, it’s much clearer.   My energy level is good.  My dreams are more vivid.  I’m happy, I’m very happy.  I feel so much better, I get around better, and I feel more active.”

– William N (84 yo)


“I am now looking at her nails and they have grown so quickly. Her energy is unbelievable…”

– Cathy Reinheimer on Lulu, her dog who is fighting cancer, Osteosarcoma


“I have definitely noticed some differences in the skin, it seems to be firming up in the face. Yeah, the energy is really good.  When you’re feeling energetic, it just affects your attitude, so my attitude is very positive”

– Hannes R (58 yo)


“I’m really happy with my sleep. I wake up refreshed.”

– Vincent C (76 yo)


“I feel a lot more energy. I’ve been experiencing vivid dreams. And I never used to dream.”

– Elizabeth R (64 yo)


“I’ve been sleeping really well.”

– Jerry B (53 yo)


“I don’t use my CPAP machine anymore after 15 years.  Also I lost part of the nail on my big toe due to infection 30 years ago and once I started TA-65, the nail grew back in.”

– Dan M


“My nails are growing much quicker… My energy is improved…”

– Shirley S (78 yo)


“Interestingly, even though my food intake hasn’t changed, I’ve lost 4 lbs (around my waist).  This may be due to the fact that I’ve felt revitalized enough to increase my exercise load, with more intense cycling…”

– Jonathan C (60 yo)


“I’ve noticed a real improvement in my sleep, and my dreams are more vivid. I found that it’s easier to fall asleep…”

– Claude Y (44 yo)


“The eyesight has continued to improve.  My energy levels are higher. “

– George M (56 yo)

“Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light. …”

                                                 – Dylan Thomas (27 October 1914 – 9 November 1953)

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TA-65 is not intended to prevent or cure any disease.
By standard definitions, "Aging" is not a disease.