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Multiple genetic pathways regulate replicative senescence


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Telomerase activity declines as people age, and as a result telomeres shorten and can be responsible for age related afflictions and some cancers. Overall health can impact how quickly these telomeres degrade. “Think of telomere length as though it was
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HOT1 is a mammalian direct telomere repeat-binding protein …

Telomerase is usually limiting and, under physiological conditions, acts preferentially on short telomeres (Hemann et al, 2001; Britt-Compton et al, 2009), due to…/emboj2013105a.html


Telomere Length and Telomerase Activity; A Yin and Yang of Cell …

An accurate, short, sophisticated and cheap method is described that assesses telomere length in multiple tissues and species using qRT-PCR. In addition…/telomere-length-telomerase-activity-yin-yan…


Abstract – RNA

Telomerase is a specialized ribonucleoprotein that adds repeated DNA sequences to the ends of eukaryotic chromosomes to preserve genome integrity.…/rna.037663.112.abstract

Multiple genetic pathways regulate replicative senescence in …

Multiple genetic pathways regulate replicative senescence in telomerase– deficient yeast. Bari J. Ballew1,2,†,; Victoria Lundblad1,*. DOI: 10.1111/acel. 12099

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