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The Geron Corporation of Menlo Park, California (Nasdaq: GERN) is a leader in cutting-edge biotechnology.In addition to the discovery of TA-65, Geron is creating numerous disruptive technologies that might transform biomedicine. For an excellent source of information about them, go to GernTalk.

Geron knows Telomerase

Geron holds hundreds of patents related to telomerase.  In the area of telomere biology, it has no peers.

Neural Stem Cells (GRNOPC-1)

In February of 2009, Geron became the first company to be granted permission to proceed with clinical trials of embryonic stem cells. The FDA approved the trial to treat spinal cord injuries. One of the lead investigators, Dr. Hans Keirstead, explains the promise of stem cell therapies.

On October 11th, 2010, the first patient received these cells after a spinal chord injury, ushering in a new age in human stem cell therapy:

These purified and genetically stable cells are scalable and after proof of safety and efficacy is established, the potential indication for helping sufferers of neurogdegenerative diseases is significant. Those would include Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and Alzeimer’s, just to name a few.

Explanation of the animal experiments and actual video are available.

Other Stem Cells

GRNIC1 (Geron’s Pancreatic islet stem cells) may cure insulin dependent diabetes.

GRNCM1 (Geron’s Cardiac muscle stem cells) may replace damaged heart tissue.

Osteoblasts (Geron’s bone-forming stem cells) to replace bone loss

Chondrocytes (Geron’s cartilage-forming stem cells) to combat arthritis. The thoroughbred horseracing industry has already used autologous (self-derived) stem cells to recover injured animals

Maintenance of ESC’s

Geron, as the pioneer in telomerase research, developed many technoogies pertaining to the growth, differentiation, and maintenance of stem cells. They license these technologies to universities and companies alike.

Drug Testing

Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Geron Bio-Med Ltd., Geron provides a flexible platform for new drug safety testing.

Animal Cloning

Geron is a major shareholder in ViaGen, the commercially-active provider of cloning and genomics for applied animal science (aka husbandry.)

Applications include specialized animal clones that are bred for desirable traits with respect to cost-effectiveness, performance, or nutritional considerations. Both the United States FDA and Japanese Food Safety Commission have affirmed the safety of consumption of beef and pork from cloned animals.

Through its interest in Start Licensing, now part of ViaGen, Geron has enabled pet cloning to become a reality through BioArts International.

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TA-65 is not intended to prevent or cure any disease.
By standard definitions, "Aging" is not a disease.

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