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Is evolution a theory? emergent phenomena of intrinstic selection Evolutionary biology testing statistics – fruit flies How do we understand evolution within organism.- next 100 years. Signaling is like a story- gigantically complex mathematheica systems differentiations is like orchestration embryogenesis – what swtiches? complex formal models parsed by AGI  

Liz Parrish

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regulatory hurdles 110,000 people die biological aging 50% reduction in TG, reduction in CRP, decrease Blood glucose, telomere extension telomerase gene and myostatin inhibitor (follastatin) -safe and reproduible regulatory zones discussing dose titrations safest technology separate telomerase and follastatin increase dosage offer RNA version (mRNA) lasting 1-3 days senolytics,

Fascism will always mean monolithic exceptionalism

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A fascist, by the old definition, was one who suppresses opinion in favor of dictatorial, strong-armed governance, at the expense of plurality of thought and expression