Exosome Treatments

Because nanovesicles are not FDA-Approved for prevention or treatment of any disease.
they are only offered in the context of a fully informed Patient-Physician relationship.
This website is for educational purposes and is not an advertisement nor is it meant to encourage unsupervised usage of Exosomes


Note: in many cases, more than one method will be used


For skin rejuvenation and enhanced healing- usually with microneedling


Performed by slow IV push (no hanging bags). This method is used for systemic conditions involving inflammation as well as general rejuvenation and management of multiple sites of accumulated injury


Above the nasal bones but under the nasal lining, this technique allows for transmission to the central nervous system. The possible benefits include better mood, enhanced memory, and improved cognition.

Joint injections

Most common sites are the knees, shoulder, and hips. Knees are injected with hyaluronic acid into the joint. Shoulders and hips may be injected with ultrasound guidance

Muscles and Tendons

Tendons and ligaments lose their ability to repair and become weak and painful. Common sites include "tennis elbow", ankle sprains, and plantar fasciitis. "Trigger point" injections in areas such as the gluteus medius or neck can also be helpful

Specialized sites

Hair loss (with microneedling), dental injections (using dental nerve blocks), arterial injections for poor circulation of the hands and feet, and nerve injections under ultrasound guidance for Bell's Palsy and peripheral neuropathy.

Back Injections

Many people suffer from pain, decreased mobility, and nerve problems from spinal problems. A common procedure is the use of MSC exosomes into the lumbar epidural space, where it can travel to bone, cartilage, and ligatments


Most useful for those with inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis. (exosomes are not FDA-approved for these conditions)

Sexual health

Injections for erectile function and vaginal dryness and pain are available

Some happy patients

In their own words...

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Most of what ails us is not a traditional disease like Strep throat that just needs a medication. Most of our pain, dysfunction, and disease emerges from a lifetime of accumulated cellular and tissue damage. With nanovesicles, we can unlock the natural healing of young stem cells’ nanovesicals

Some people with untreated cancer, wet macular degeneration, or immune suppression should be cautioned before giving exosomes 

Unlike stem cells from donors (like umbilical), there are no immune markers on these exosomes, so your body won’t clear them. Since we all share >99% of the same genes, they work for all of us 

Most people experience immediate and gradually enhanced changes over weeks. Rarely, it may take up to six months for major improvement. A complete lack of response is around 5-10%

A medical doctor is morally obligated to “do no harm” but has wide ability to use existing medications and other techniques to help patients. A major caveat is that the patient should be fully informed of the risks and unknowns and that no promise or guarantee of efficacy should be made

Because these nanovesicles are anti-inflammatory, they are well tolerated. The worst thing I have seen is that you don’t achieve complete satisfaction from a single treatment and may want to repeat it.  There are no reported cases of allergic reactions from the brand of exosomes I use

The majority of my patients have experienced quick and lasting improvements. Some patients need to adjust their medications if organ function recovers (i.e. less blood pressure or thyroid medication)

There are different companies and different products. My practice currently uses only one brand and the cost typically ranges from $1,000 to $3,000.although if multiple doses are needed, this will increase the cost accordingly although I rarely charge more for multiple sites. Exosomes are not covered by health insurance but personal injury or workman’s comp insurance may consider it.

How can I help you reclaim your health?


Topical Treatment

Microneedling + Exosomes

Excellent for wrinkles, discoloration, large pores, and hair loss (especially in women). “Vampire facials” with PRP cause inflammation and redness. Exosomes have no down time and the procedure is painless due to triple anesthetic cream. 

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Intravenous therapy

Used for patients with inflammatory conditions, improved circulation, and routine rejuvenation. There is no “hanging bag” and the procedure, using a tiny needle, takes only seconds.

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Nasal Injection


Joint Injections

For joints with damaged or eroded cartilage, bone spurs, and other degeneration. Common sites include the knees, shoulder, and hips (with ultrasound). Performed with sterile technique and local anesthesia to minimize discomfort 

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Muscle and tendon Injections

Tennis (and Golfer’s) Elbow, Achilles’ tendinitis, and Plantar Fasciitis are common conditions. Performed with sterile technique and local anesthesia to minimize discomfort 

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Specialized Sites

Bell’s (facial nerve) palsy, dental problems, poor circulation, and peripheral nerve damage are common conditions.  

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Back Pain

The spine is a complicated support, mobility, and neurological organ. Aging causes back pain from arthritis, osteoporosis, ligament damage, muscle weakness, and incomplete healing. When out of alignment, nerves can be compressed causing pain and weakness. A sterile lumbar epidural technique is often used although in cases of paraspinal muscle derangement or pelvic girdle problems, musculotendinous injection may be needed.

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Inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis may improve with IV treatment but in some instances, ultrasound-guided intraperitoneal injection may be used.

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Sexual Health

Universal decline in erectile and vaginal function occur with aging. While medications and hormones can help, the health of the vessels and nerves of the penis and the vessels and epithelium of the vulva require rejuvenation. Libido also also a function of hormonal, neurological, and even psychological factors that could be mitigated by exosomes. Use of anesthesia allows for injection into these sensitive areas.