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TA-65 was first brought to market in 2007 and since then, it has been taken by countless thousands of happy customers. 

Non-toxic, well-tolerated, and not associated with increased cancer risk, this supplement has helped me and many of my patients live happier, healthier, and more sustainable lives.

To learn more about TA-65, click the link below to watch a video or read my book, Telomere Timebombs: Defusing the Terror of Aging

"Good Genes?"

For many years, celebrities have enjoyed their TA-65 although privacy concerns have kept us from sharing who they are.

The next time someone in the limelight talks about their genes or their diet and exercise regimes, ask yourself, “are they getting any help from TA-65?”

Now you can!


Pro tips

  I have many videos on TA-65 which you can find on my YouTube channel, “Drpark65”

 In general, TA-65 does not interact with other supplements or medications although if certain organ function recovers, you may need to adjust your medications (e.g. insulin, blood pressure medicines, thyroid medications)

 My advice for taking TA-65 has always been quite different from what’s on the bottle and if you order from me, I will share those guidelines.

 Finally, pricing is set by the manufacturer so you really should not find any significant variation. 

 There are many things that I could share with you in a private email that would not be appropriate to publish here. You can email me directly below

Still have questions?

See below for common questions about safety


Dr. Park: “In my clinical experience, I have known only four patients our of many hundreds who were diagnosed with cancer while taking TA-65 and none of them have died as a result of the new diagnosis. This is much below the expected baseline rate.

The Ames assay tests bacteria for mutagenesis (changes in the DNA) and was negative when conducted with TA-65. 

TA Sciences commissioned a double-blind, placebo-controlled study with human lung, colon, breast, and prostate cancers transplanted onto nude mice to assess what effect TA might have on tumor growth. Nude mice can’t fight cancer because they don’t have a thymusThere was no statistical difference between TA-treated and placebo groups.

Is it toxic, carcinogenic, or anabolic?

Actually, telomere shortening is closely associated with higher incidence and increased severity of cancer.

See Willeit et al

Telomere Length and Risk of Incident Cancer and Cancer Mortality JAMA. 2010;304(1):69-75

Loss of Heterozygosity

Rare familial cancer syndromes occur when only one parent gave you a functioning copy of an important gene that is involved in regulating cell reproduction, DNA maintenance, or crowding of other cells. 

When the only good copy is lost (loss of heterozygosity) then the cancer syndrome expresses itself in that cell and its daughters

Exosomes will cure cancer

Someday, scientists will diagnose which genes are missing from your cancer cells and introduce the messenger RNA back into them using exosomes, allowing for restoration of control and suicide of those misbehaving cells (while causing no damage to normal cells).

If you have a nut missing on your bike, you don’t destroy all the bikes in the neighborhood; you simply replace the nut. This science is already within out reach!


From the initial 2001 US Patent submission:

“An acute intravenous toxicity study was conducted using 36 rats of both genders. Sprague-Dawley rats (150-200 g) were injected intravenously with TA-65 in 40% ethanol in isotonic saline on day 0. Tests include reactions on skin, corneas, to liver cells, kidney cells, intestinal lining, red blood cells. 

Doses were 0 mg/kg (vehicle control), 0.016, 0.08, 0.4, 2.0, and 10 mg/kg, all in 200µL tail vein injections directly into the bloodstream. The highest 10mg/kg dose would correspond to approximately 600 mg TA-65 injected directly into the blood stream of 132lb person. The current dose is 30mg, absorbed less efficiently, by oral ingestion. Rats were monitored daily over 7 days for weight, appearance, and gross signs of behavioral changes. On day 7, all animals were evaluated. 

Gross pathology was conducted on major organs, and hematology and clinical blood chemistry were conducted by a contract laboratory. Analysis showed no significant dose dependent changes for males or females in behavior (eating, drinking) or gross weight, organ weights (heart, lung, liver, kidneys, adrenals and spleen), hematology or clinical chemistry. In conclusion, TA-65 was shown to be well-tolerated systemically after single intravenous injections up to 10 mg/kg.

Is TA-65 Anabolic?

Testosterone causes altered gene expression in 939 genes as measured by a gene chip. 

Human growth hormone causes altered gene expression in around five dozen genes.

In contrast, TA-65 appears to only slightly elevate genes in a a few areas related to DNA repair