Dr. Park's Top-selling book about Exosomes

Exosomes made by stem cells are nature’s panacea and are always at work, trying to heal you. Now, we can administer them to enhance healing and turn back the clock of aging.

Dr. Edward Park is the leading authority on the clinical use of exosomes. He is a Harvard-trained MD who treats patients and trains doctors.

This book explains the science behind aging and how exosomes heal us in common sense language, humor, and vivid analogies. (Contains 53 color illustrations best viewed with a tablet or computer)

Available in Paperback (color), eBook, and Audiobook

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Exosome Preceptorships now offered

Dr. Park is now offering live training in your clinic. Jumpstart your exosome practice today!

“I tried the car repair, it didn’t work”

If you had something to reliably repair and renew problem areas, why WOULDN”T you do it again?
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Some happy patients

In their own words...

What if Aging were a choice?

Nanovesicals and Telomerase may be 2/3rds of solution

Nanovesicals from placental stem cells are potent tools for regeneration

TA-65, a telomerase activator, can slow aging and maintain cells

The final piece of the puzzle lies in senolytics, or agents that eliminate old cells

Is this 20 years worth of aging?

I have used telomerase activators (and nanovesicals) on myself, my children, and my mom!

I have taken TA-65 since 2007

I eat my own cooking

Learn more about Nanovesicles and Telomerse activation

YouTube videos

Here are some videos explaining nanovesicles and TA-65

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