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Exosomes 28: Varicose Veins

        General Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purposes only. It is not an advertisement for exosomes. Use of exosomes has not been FDA-approved for prevention nor treatment of any disease condition.  Anecdotes provided do not constitute scientific proof and all patients were treated in the context of a fully informed consent and patient-physician relationship.

Exosomes blog 28: Varicose Veins (and the best testimonial ever!)

For this blog, I would like to describe an amazing case of varicose veins which cleared just 10 days after receiving exosomes. The patient is a 48-yo man in good health with the exception of a three-year history of food sensitivities and “histamine syndrome” resulting in a severe form of irritable bowel syndrome with many loose yellow bowel movements daily consistent with malaborption. He received 6B IV MSC-derived exosomes and this was the photo of his leg on day 1:

You may already know that the cause of varicose veins are many but in general, they are worse with prolonged standing, poor valves, and age.  The only available treatments are ablative, ranging from injecting poisons, ablating with light or radio frequency, and surgical stripping. 

I used to treat them effectively with Nd: Yag laser and the treatment is mildly painful (like a rubber band snapping). Often times, they would recur.

Here is the man’s leg on day 5 when you can already seen a remarkable improvement:

Now before I show you the the day 10 photo, just stop to consider that there was no ablative therapy and I don’t know why the patient would fabricate such great results. Also, it would be hard to evoke a placebo effect although some may try. This is his leg on day 10 and it is remarkable!

There are many of you who will say this is “too good to be true.” I believe the effects of the exosomes upon cellular reprogramming can be dramatic and rapid but I too am amazed. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised given the radical improvement in venous circulation demonstrated in blog 23 below. If we had to speculate as to the reasons this occurred, they probably involve some reprogramming and refurbishment of vascular endothelial cells comprising the veins and their valves. Of note, he also has returned to normal bowel movements after four years of dysfunction and dietary restrictions.

Of note, this gentleman came with his 47-yo friend/business partner and his friend’s 49 sister, who was the subject of blog 27. They both are also very happy. Like his sister from blog 27 and this gentleman, the 47yo received 6B IV exosomes. The friend noted increased libido, decreased need for thyroid medication, disappearance of chronic back and calf pain at night, and improved mood. Perhaps they are all suffering from a group placebo effect but if that means substantive health improvements, then who really cares?

I would like to include the full unredacted email I received from this patient with only minor grammatical revisions as English is not his first language. It is the best testimonial ever and if I didn’t know better, I would say he was photoshopping or using filters! Look at his face, for goodness sake! He must have been in a state of advanced inflammation that the exosomes reversed. Amazing results and a great personal log. Thank you, RB!

First experience with exosomes:

Jan.10. – 6B exosome shot. 

Jan.11.– Heavy sweating in chest area, woke up couple of times at night, but got up rested in the morning.

Jan.12.– Perfect sign of libido. Erection in the morning like 20 years ago.

During night time sleeping sweating on chest area, woke up twice during the night, got up rested in the morning.

Jan.14.– Increased appetite. Little blurry vision all day. Good sleep. 

Jan.16. -Multiple erections during the day reflecting increase libido. Kind of weird unusual headache all afternoon. Good appetite.  No sign of problem digesting dairy; stool is stable with no yellow color. Good sleep. 

Jan.18.- Little mild workout – no shortness of breath. My usual sleeping time is a little bit shorter but wake up fully recovered.  After 1 week don’t feel tired during the day time. 

Jan.20.  Incredible energy level. Started jogging and am now running without any breathing difficulties. 

Eat junk food and dairy products again. See stool results in 2 days. Sleep longer, steady and deeper 

Jan. 22.  Stool is colored and solid what is unusual after consumption of fast food and any dairy product. 

Over 2 years suffering from Skin eczema has been recovered completely on hand. 

Extreme appetite with perfect digestion.  Good long 8-9 hours sleep. 


Vision is much clearer. Can read comfortably longer hours holding book closer than use to. Observation about hair: getting shiny and a bit thicker than before. 


After 3 years Allergic facial bloating reaction has disappeared. Possibly reflecting kidney started work properly again. immune system working well again. 


Jan.28.  Still have increased appetite with incredible digestion. No more headache no more blurry vision at all. Excellent 8-9 hr deep sleep. 


Started to work out again. Have High energy level with a strong performance.  Day by day most of my varicose veins are despairing on my legs.

Right front calf: 



Back left thigh:

Back right thigh:


I can eat anything without difficulties of digestion. Dairy, gluten, animal products…there is no sign of any type of allergic reactions so far. Stable energy level during the day. At night, I sleep like a baby. 

I feel 20 again!!!!

Thank you for everything Dr Park!!!!!! 🙂   

I will keep you informed about further changes.

Feel free to bookmark the following link to have all my exosomes videos at your fingertips!


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Three amigos came to see me and all enjoyed benefits. The best was the 48-yo gentleman who had a dramatic improvements to his irritable bowel syndrome, varicose veins, and appearance.

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