People would like to believe that the placebo effect can repair many things but the truth is that faith healing comes from belief in real results and the will to be be young and healthy can only get us so far without the help of biochemistry
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Exosomes 26: The Placebo Effect

General Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purposes only. It is not an advertisement for exosomes. Use of exosomes has not been FDA-approved for prevention nor treatment of any disease condition.  Anecdotes provided do not constitute scientific proof and all patients were treated in the context of a fully informed consent and patient-physician relationship.

Exosomes 26: The Placebo Effect

Two weeks ago, I was skiing and snowboarding with my brother and sister and our children. I tried to help my sister break out of the “intermediate skiing rut” but she complained her knees were limiting her. She has been told to have knee replacement so I mentioned exosomes are helping most of my patients’ knees. My brother declared without any due diligence that it was a fraud and my sister said it had to be a placebo effect. So I thought I would address the placebo effect in this blog. Of note, there are three distinct meanings for placebo: historically psychotrophic, inert, and a sort of mind-body causation.

At this moment, I am in the San Francisco airport after administering exosomes for the third time to Deb (see blogs 11 and 17 below). On the way to the airport, we talked about the placebo effect. She doesn’t believe that the change from being unable to do one squat without pain to 100 a day for the last five months is a placebo effect. I tend to agree.

As I discussed in blog 21, we are all pretty poor at attribution and recall; this means we are biased. The placebo was initially from the Latin for “I will please” and were initially substances that produced a pleasant effect like cannabis or opiods (like Laudanum/opium) that were used over-the-counter widely in the 19th century. Activation of the endocannabinoid system is far from inert, by the way, and making a big comeback in the form of CBD products.

Over time, the more common definition of a placebo being a sham or intentionally inert treatment took over as the advent of the placebo-controlled trial assumed a prominent position in modern medical research.

In the third and final definition, the placebo effect is not a historically psychotropic balm nor a sham treatment. It is a phenomenon of conditioning. If I tell you something has an effect or if you secretly believe it does, your mind and body can do a lot to make that belief a reality. In the new age system of beliefs and manifestations, the aphorism of Henry Ford is apt:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t –you’re right.”

A patient just called me and asked if I had heard of Joe Dispenza. I replied that he wrote the book, You are the Placebo, which explores the power of belief and mind-body connection. While there is some profound wisdom in this belief and whereas science has shown that the placebo effect can account for measurable improvements; but it is also objectively true that as we travel through time we accumulate damage that is incompletely healed and this builds up inside, among, and throughout the cells and organs of our bodies.

Doug, the 80-yo runner in blog 12 told me his finger itched and he had forgotten even injuring years ago while skiing and also had pain and cramps in his latissimus dorsi muscles; he had no preconceived notion so the placebo effect is hard to evoke in that case. Like Doug, my recent 61-yo patient wrote “I had a pain when I crack my knuckle or rub is for a year and that pain is gone”. The recent patient says he is really not prone to placebo effect and that the changes in his case include a disappearance of neck pain from an old whiplash, better sleep, and a diminution in his plantar fasciitis, back pain, shoulder pain, and knee pain. He took 5 vials (25 Billion exosomes) injected into his IV, nasal area, shoulders, lumbar epidural space, both knees, both plantar fascia, and an ankle. Quantity and location matter.

As I acquire more clinical experience, I appreciate just how powerful and broad-ranging the effects of exosomes can be. Deb just texted me that her 88-yo father’s neuropathy is improved after 6B IV exosomes yesterday. Placebo effect? Perhaps in part…but it also seems plausible that the improvements that patients are reporting are the result of the simple biological messages created by newborn placental MSCs as they interact with our damaged cells and the phenomenon of inflammation.

I don’t know if you can evoke the placebo effect in matters like being able to voluntarily piloerect (blog 1), acquiring aversions to the taste of coffee (blog 5), or clearing chronic eczema from venous stasis (blog 23). Probably more likely is that there are profound changes occurring. People would like to believe that the placebo effect can repair many things but the truth is that faith healing comes from belief in real results and the will to be be young and healthy can only get us so far without the help of biochemistry. If my patients are feeling less pain and better function and 10-30% is the placebo effect then who really cares? The fact of having less pain and better function are the end points we care about and if current therapy cannot come close to delivering those results, then I welcome the opportunity to help as long as no untoward effects result from treatment.


POSTSCRIPT: Mom and I are headed back to Hawaii to give a new and improved lecture on Sunday February 9th at 2pm at the Univ of Hawaii. We will also be treating patients that week. Please email me at if you know anyone that would like to attend or may want treatment. Mahalo!

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Archived exosome blogs….Please read them all. 

N.B. On 2/29/2020 I changed my philosophy about keeping these blogs private. The archives up to blog 32 were appended to blogs that had yet to be created when the earlier ones were first written.

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In this blog, I discussed how complicated clinical medicine can be. Different treatment protocols, ambiguous results ethical dilemmas and strange phenomena like acquired coffee aversion are part of what make treating with exosomes so challenging.

Using my left foot as an example, I attempt to explain that while some exosome effects are immediate, others take time. Remodeling of damaged tissues is a complicated process. My foot is still scarred and probably will be for life.

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Three amigos came to see me and all enjoyed benefits. The best was the 48-yo gentleman who had a dramatic improvements to his irritable bowel syndrome, varicose veins, and appearance.

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  1. Very well stated blog as usual. I love Dr. Joe Dispenza! I hope to interview him in 2020. I’m scheduled to interview his friend, Gregg Braden, on March 5th, so I hope that if I do a good job with my Gregg interview, then Dr. Joe will be more likely to do an interview with me. 😉

    It’s unfortunate that your family hasn’t kept up with your exosomes work. I’m trying to get my mom to read your exosomes blogs and receive treatment mainly for her shoulder and back – but that’s currently an uphill battle that I’ll continue to work on.

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