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Exosomes 27: “Soft signs” of Exosomes Actions

General Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purposes only. It is not an advertisement for exosomes. Use of exosomes has not been FDA-approved for prevention nor treatment of any disease condition.  Anecdotes provided do not constitute scientific proof and all patients were treated in the context of a fully informed consent and patient-physician relationship.

Exosomes 27: “Soft signs” of Exosomes Actions

I will use this blog to explain some very strange phenomena that I have noted from my own and my patients’ experiences which I will call “soft signs” of clinical action or efficacy.  At the end of the blog, I include the complete and unredacted email of the 48-yo woman who received 6B IV MSC exosomes and 500M subcutaneous exosomes into an area of her ankle just about a week ago

The patient is a 48-yo woman in good health who four years ago suffered a fall from a cliff about 30 feet onto her right ankle which resulted in no radiological fractures but left her with severe bruising of her ankle and lower leg which persisted for weeks. 

She was left with residual pain and loss of function since then. From her account, it is clear that she struggles with it, needing “warm-up” moves to get going and that it is also improving already after exosome treatment.

I recall from my own Achilles’, knee, and shoulder injections that there were changes that were hard to explain in usual terms because the usual terms are associated with different clinical phenomena. Allow me to explain. In the course of normal inflammation from acute injury, we experience a process of five things with Latin names: dolor (pain), rubor (redness), calor (heat), tumor (swelling), and functio laesa (loss of function). To learn more about classic inflammation and its role in aging and autoimmunity, read this blog that I wrote.

After the exosomes start working on areas of old injury, we can encounter some of what feels like the classic fivesome of inflammation but it is in no way like how people explain the days of pain and inflammation after prolotherapy, which intentionally triggers an injury with the hopes that the repair will be two steps back and three steps forward. Another positive thing about exosomes versus prolotherapy is you can take NSAIDS because the regeneration doesn’t depend upon the robustness of the intentional injury.

I actually think that the language fails us when we explain what accelerated healing “feels like” in the body and that the use of words like itching, twitching, and dull ache are actually quite different phenomena related to a heretofore unavailable human experience of sudden regeneration of new nerves, muscles, and tissues in a previously dormant site of injury.

ITCHING: in the absence of a rash, which could suggest immune and infectiously related issues, the itching that Doug, the 61 yo man who reported an “itching” around his old injured index finger, and the patient above whose email is reproduced below is really what we physicians call “paresthesia“. Paraesthesia is best described as “pins and needles” and in my estimation represents new nerves coming on line. I believe the nerves are created as other structures like vasculature, musculoskeletal structures, and connective tissue are being constructed. These feelings do not persist; they are like the lights that come on when you turn on your car but then go off after the engine is running.

TWITCHING: this common clinical symptom is something I experienced days after injecting my Achilles’ tendon and my knee with its old medial meniscus tear. As best as I can explain it, it is like a mildly uncomfortable cramp which last seconds and does not persist. Doctors call them fasciculations. Again, I believe this represents new muscles being constructed and tested/integrated into the existing neuromuscular armamentarium. I have heard this reported many times and it is not as painful as a “Charley horse” or the pain from arterial claudication (spasm of arteries). It is just an involuntary twitching of muscle that lasts seconds and doesn’t persist. In the area of my twitching, I grew brand new muscle and I believe this was the result of the Achilles’ injection causing the gastrocnemius muscle to regenerate.

DULLNESS; This one is going to get weird but I definitely have felt this twice. Remember E=mc2 or energy and mass are forms of each other? Well, I’m going to tell you that once my friend and a practicing shaman, Antonia from blog 7, was giving me a treatment and I was falling asleep so she asked me if I wanted to wake up. I said ok not having any idea of what she meant; she intentionally transferred energy into my right wrist and I recall a feeling of heaviness in the wrist followed by immediately feeling awake and refreshed. I didn’t expect that dull heaviness so it wasn’t a placebo effect. Perhaps you can’t believe it but it was a feeling that for a moment, the mass (or energy) in my wrist was about 5X what it usually would be. Oddly, that exact same feeling of increased gravity, mass, (or perhaps energy) is how I would describe the feeling I had a few days after injecting my knee; it lasted only hours at most. Perhaps it represents some kind of combination of energy, mass, and pranic forces but I can definitely tell you that words like “pain” and “ache” are wrong; a better word might be “dullness” although perhaps it just feels like increased localized gravity if you can even imagine that.

In conclusion, I believe the itching is really paresthesias and represents new nerves coming online. I believe the twitching are fasciculations from new muscle bundles coming online. And finally, I believe the dullness is actually an increase in life force similar to the Star Wars force energy and that it is something that you can definitely feel but would be hard-pressed to describe using current words related to common experiences.

Why don’t we have better language to describe these things? Because never before have we experienced sudden and dramatic regeneration!  Even as children, healing follows injury and is not so hyper-accelerated as with sudden infusion of exosomes to areas where I believe replicative senesence from telomere attrition in candidate stem cells has caused the clinical phenomenon of tendinosis, poor circulation, and osteoarthritis. It is a privilege to be the first to attempt to describe these “soft signs” of regeneration without inflammation and to explain what is occurring when this new form of technology encounters human subjective experience.

In a future blog, I want to explore that many hypothalamic clinical “soft signs” in another blog, one of which the patient’s email eludes to: hunger. Because the exosomes cross the blood-brain barrier and because the hypothalamus controls alertness, sleep, attention, anger, libido, thirst, taste, appetite, respiration, temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar (indirectly), and all our hormones, it is really the central control for life itself.

Please read the email I received today below; again, I wish all my patients would take and provide such excellent notes so that we can all learn more efficiently. When she says “tingling” I believe she means the itching or paresthesias that most people feel. The “strange dull feeling” is that really cool “force” that I describe as feeling like increased gravity.
Remember that in physics a force is mass times acceleration. Acceleration is rate of change in velocity. So instead of aging at a velocity of one hour per hour through time, perhaps the new energy and mass are accelerating backward in negative years per hour when we take exosomes. I suppose you could say we experience a force in both a Newtonian sense and in the Star Wars sense!

Jan 9, 2020. Day 0: on the drive home after the shot: light pressure/headache in the forehead area lasted about 30 minutes, after then warm feeling in my chest, lungs, lasted about 40 minutes. All gone away. (All 3 of us had the same experience about the same time.)
Jan 10: felt easement in my ankle, some weird feeling but totally different from the full pain-ish feeling I had earlier. No “warm up” steps needed for fully functioning. 
Was cooking for 3 hours in the evening, and standing. Light tired feeling in my ankle, but didn’t have to sit down.
Sleep: heavy sweating in chest area, woke up couple of times, but got up rested in the morning.
Jan 11: some kind of dull shooting feeling several times throughout the day on the place of injection and in the surrounding area. Kinda tingling. No pain and no “warm up steps” needed. 
Sleep: sweating in chest area, woke up twice,  got up rested in the morning.
Jan 12: woke up with tingling feeling in my foot, on the inner side, from toe to ankle. Went for 2 hrs hike, no pain only a bit sore-tired feeling. My whole foot was tingling in the evening. 
Sleep: good, no sweating
Jan 13: no tiredness, no dull pain, it works as new. Tingling moved upward to lower calf.
Jan 14: no pain, no soreness, there was one time getting up and needed one step to “warm up” 
Jan 16: all good, got bad headache in the evening, what is unusual
There is a strange dull feeling in my foot, like when something is going on inside, but no pain no stiffness.
One other thing, I am hungry all the time and this is unusual.
Will return to my regular running schedule on next week. I will keep you updated.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Wow! This seems to be a huge step forward. For too long, medicine has been fixated on fighting our ailments. This is reintegrating our various parts, restoring what needs to be restored. This is restoring peace to our bodies rather than being at war with ourselves.

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