A patient whom I treated sent a 3-minute video of talk show host, Joe Rogan, explaining how he feels exosomes fixed his shoulder labrum tear. The shoulder is a particularly hard-working and amazing joint and the problems can be many. Most commonly, the rotator cuff has tears, the subacromial bursa is inflamed and impinging on the rotator cuff tendons, or the glenohumeral labrum is torn. 
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Exosomes 6: Healing takes time

General Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purposes only. It is not an advertisement for exosomes. Use of exosomes has not been FDA-approved for prevention nor treatment of any disease condition.  Anecdotes provided do not constitute scientific proof and all patients were treated in the context of a fully informed consent and patient-physician relationship.

A patient whom I treated sent a 3-minute video of talk show host, Joe Rogan, explaining how he feels exosomes fixed his shoulder labrum tear. The shoulder is a particularly hard-working and amazing joint and the problems can be many. Most commonly, the rotator cuff has tears, the subacromial bursa is inflamed and impinging on the rotator cuff tendons, or the glenohumeral labrum is torn. 


After spending last Saturday in lectures with similar anecdotes, I began to consider my own patients’ experiences and what I’ve learned. I want to explain three things: musculoskeletal (MSK) injury is stem cell exhaustion, stem cells and their exosomes can overcome this impasse, and that the time course of repair is occurs in phases.

Last month, I attended a great seminar on ultrasound-guided joint injections taught by a brilliant clinician, Dr. Fran O’Conner. In fourteen hours, he taught us the anatomy, clinical assessment, joint injections, and ultrasound techniques for ameliorating the common MSK conditions such as osteoarthritic hips and knees, rotator cuff injuries, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, and patellar tendon sprains. 

The common theme was that chronic tendinosis, like osteoarthritis, is not like acute injury. There is no white blood cell accumulation nor inflammation per se. I came to realize that the reason he advised caution against injecting tennis elbow, de Quervain’s tenosynovitis, and Achilles tendinopathy is that steroids can cause atrophy of those already worn out tendons. The same caution applies to injecting encapsulated joints as steroids are chondrotoxic. This means that all the potential repair that the local stem cells can muster has already been exhausted, probably from telomere erosion and senescence. See my video www.tinyurl.com/exosomes5 for an explanation of this.

Thankfully, as Joe Rogan found out, the introduction of exosomes from MSCs can catalyze a shift back to regeneration and repair. I would like to spend the rest of this blog explaining my thinking about time course of repair. To do this, I refer you to a mash up of my foot. Five weeks ago, after surfing in Kau’ai, I made the mistake of coming ashore on volcanic rocks. I lacerated my foot and stepped on a sea urchin. This left over twenty small spines all over my foot that could not be removed. I should have anesthetized my foot but instead followed the local knowledge and soaked it in vinegar.

Suffice it to say, it didn’t get rid of the spines and the foot was hard to walk on for a week but now, after five weeks, it is fine and my body absorbed them. It took time. If you look at the gashes, the dermal lacerations filled with fibrin and scarred up; eventually at 4 weeks, the scab was falling off and now at 5 weeks, it is almost back to normal.

So it dawned on me: if the highly vascular foot takes this long to reorganize, then the joints and the tendons might also need at least this long to repair. My first patient, 10 weeks ago, is Doug, and a couple of days ago he noted that his knees were better than they’ve been in years. The pilot who took two injections says he is 80% improved and able to play tennis after 7 weeks.  Now it is tempting to consider that perhaps time would have healed them but the fact is that the pilot was injured for months without improvement and Doug has had worsening knees for decades; again, stem cell exhaustion means incomplete repair.

Finally, I want to hypothesize about the mechanisms of exosome action and the clinical presentations. Interestingly, some people feel immediate pain relief, unlike when platelet rich plasma is added. I believe this is from a euphoria and shift in the inflammatory/neurological pain milieu. Chronic pain, as Dr. O’Conner explained, is a CNS condition. In the first three days, I believe apoptosis is occurring with increased pain from clearance of dead cells. This is corroborated by the pilot’s noting of lymphadenopathy. Around two weeks in, new cells appear to be coming on line with the advent of odd and brief twitching of new muscle bundles. But the remodeling and regeneration by cell reproduction appears to take time as in the case of my foot and the shoulders of my pilot and Joe Rogan.

Is the effect of the exosomes lasting beyond four weeks? Yes and no.The exosomes themselves are gone or diffused away but the apoptosis, changes in inflammatory profiles, de-differentiation, new recruitment of stem cells, and remodeling are effects that persist. It is possible that to increase the local action of exosomes, a medium such as PRP (platelet rich plasma) or PRFM (activated platelets) is needed. I am leaning towards using large molecular weight hyaluronic acid for joints to serve this function. Another thing I learned from the clinicians, Dr. Spiel and Sanders, is that the amniotic fluid exosomes have a synergistic effect with the MSC-exosomes in MSK indications, possibly due to the high amount of hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) that plays a role in regeneration and would healing.

So if you are coming in for MSK treatment, I will now be able to offer you exosomes of two types, with a hyaluronic acid medium, guided by ultrasound injection. I am looking forward to patiently waiting the 8 weeks needed to have what could be life-transforming repairs beyond what the body is naturally able to accomplish in the face of exhaustion of locally-available stem cells. 

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