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Real patient experiences

Cartilage regeneration

Just a brief testimonial from a patient who was able to heal her shoulder’s labral tear. Also, if you are confused about exosome brands, join our live Webinar Tuesday April 6th featuring the chief scientist of Kimera Labs.

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Back to the Future with Deb

Enjoy this brief video testimonial by Deb, who has done about seven exosome injections for aging, brain fog, and her knee osteoarthritis

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Webinar #4: Knee Problems (and Webinar #5: Gout)

Dr. Ed Park of Recharge Biomedical explains knee anatomy and function. He discusses common knee problems possible role of exosomes to improve knee function.

Dr. Park also did a webinar on Gout courtesy of the world’s shortest attack ever…

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Exosomes 6: Healing takes time

A patient whom I treated sent a 3-minute video of talk show host, Joe Rogan, explaining how he feels exosomes fixed his shoulder labrum tear. The shoulder is a particularly hard-working and amazing joint and the problems can be many. Most commonly, the rotator cuff has tears, the subacromial bursa is inflamed and impinging on the rotator cuff tendons, or the glenohumeral labrum is torn. 

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