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I spent last weekend in lectures by these experts in exosome science and clinical use. You can watch these seven related videos interviewing experts in regenerative medicine with a focus on exosomes and their many uses.

In the first video, Dr. Duncan Ross discusses the difficulty in isolating and characterizing exosomes.

In the second video, Dr. Douglas Spiel explains how modern medicine will change as we learn more about exosomes and their applications.

In the third video, Dr. Jason Sanders explains the path towards improving patient care using exosomes.

In the fourth video, Dr. Matt Cook explains why back pain is so hard to treat and he explains his unique treatments of nerve pains.

In the fifth video, Dr. Michael Wolff explains a novel technique for repairing damaged spinal discs. 

In the sixth video, Dr. Greg Chernoff explains why exosomes are a game changer for aesthetic medicine and dermatological conditions.

In the seventh video, Dr. Clement Lee, explains the origins of modern medicine and describes an incredible case of exosome therapy.

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