Last week, I opened up the practice to close friends and longstanding patients. I will share some notes about my observations
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Exosomes 1: The Journey Begins

General Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purposes only. It is not an advertisement for exosomes. Use of exosomes has not been FDA-approved for prevention nor treatment of any disease condition.  Anecdotes provided do not constitute scientific proof and all patients were treated in the context of a fully informed consent and patient-physician relationship.

EXOSOMES 1: The Journey Begins

Exosomes from newborn placental MSCs make sense and there have been about a year and a half of allegedly positive results accrued by other physicians.

For the last three years, I have been aware of exosomes from MSCs and their promise. Two months ago, my mother and I decided to take IV injections. Last week, I opened up the practice to close friends and longstanding patients. I will share some notes about my observations. Please note that I could be making unfounded generalizations and misattributing some clinical signs but this is a work in progress.

Negative, Positive, and Inert

Negative effects: In the six injections (3 each) that mom and I have taken, there have been some side effects. Specifically, mom has had dizziness associated with low blood pressure (see positive effects below). No reactions at the sites of injection (joints, IV, and intranasal) have been noted.

A single episode of drowsiness is common but not universal and of variable onset. The first intranasal injection it occurred within 8 hours and was associated with thirst and frequent awakenings. The second intranasal injection it occurred on the second night for me. Drowsiness occurs with IV or intranasal administration. I believe the injections have adaptogenic effects, meaning it affects people differently. For example, yesterday I injected two women at the same time. The one woman who is chronically active and chipper at age 60 became drowsy immediately. The second woman aged 54 who is extremely stressed out became active with a good mood despite social alcohol consumption.

Positive effects: 

Although low blood pressure is potentially dangerous, my mother has simply adjusted the dosing of her medicines downward. Probably the release of aldosterone, ACTH, and Antidiuretic hormone have been altered by changes in the hypothalamic/pituitary function.

General appearance: both mom and I feel that we look younger. Subjective yet independently verified by acquaintances.

Arthritis: mom’s injected hand has improved greatly over the non-treated side. Even her painful foot (away from the hand injection site) improved since the following morning.

Tendons/joints: my Achilles tendon no longer hurts during yoga and new muscle has grown in the associated origin at the medial condyle of the femur. My point tenderness in my shoulder tendon is stronger. My knee (old torn meniscus) held up for five days of skiing and snowboarding without my usual brace, pain, or NSAIDS.

Autoimmune: the flare that I was having of eczema on my arm has gone away and not returned.


One major consideration is that I don’t want to take something and charge if there is no perceived change. Far from being inert, I have observed the changes described in this blog.

Of note, I still retain the strange ability to voluntarily piloerect. I didn’t realize that I was slightly short of breath in Boulder during a TV interview last month as I was coming off my initial injection and bronchitis. In contrast, last week’s ski trip found me able to ski from the top to the bottom of the mountain without any shortness of breath; I can’t remember a time when that was the case.

I have injected mom IV once, in her hand knuckles once, and intranasally twice.

I have injected myself IV once, in my Achilles/knee/shoulder once, and intranasally twice.

I have injected a 60yo elite athlete IV and into a torn hamstring a week ago. He noted drowsiness and increased heart rate variability.

I have injected an elite 80yo runner into both knees. He felt no systemic effects. Because of his pain beginning on day 4 and ongoing exercise-induced injury, I have advised him to rest.

I have injected a 53yo friend who noted persistent elevated mood. She had severe lower abdominal cramps that awoke her from sleep that may represent old damage from an intestinal chronic infection of unknown origin (giardia or yeast?)

I injected two women mentioned above (ages 60 and 54). One became sleepy and the other activated.

In summary, I believe the effects depend on the site of injection. The knee-only person felt no changes in alertness. It appears that the intranasal has the most profound effects including brief changes in thirst and appetite and possible rejuvenation of the pituitary.

Although it was not corroborated by the MD I spoke with who has been treating patients with mixed modalities for a year, everyone that injected into joints or tendons noted a heaviness and/or pain starting at around day three. That includes me, mom, the hamstring, and the knees.

Based on the anecdotes from other clinicians, there may be great things to come for autoimmunity and CNS problems. Please stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Feel free to bookmark the following link to have all my exosomes videos at your fingertips!

Archived exosome blogs….Please read them all. 

N.B. On 2/29/2020 I changed my philosophy about keeping these blogs private. The archives up to blog 32 were appended to blogs that had yet to be created when the earlier ones were first written.

I still have voluntary ASMR. Mom’s arthritis is greatly improved.

I explain why I believe exosomes aren’t inert. An amazing case of an overnight in heart rate variability is presented.

A case of whiplash and traumatic brain injury improved after exosome use.

After exosome injection, two runners were able to return to running after limitations from tendinosis that plagued them for months (in the case of the 60-yo man, and years (in the case of the 53-yo woman)

In this blog, I discussed how complicated clinical medicine can be. Different treatment protocols, ambiguous results ethical dilemmas and strange phenomena like acquired coffee aversion are part of what make treating with exosomes so challenging.

Using my left foot as an example, I attempt to explain that while some exosome effects are immediate, others take time. Remodeling of damaged tissues is a complicated process. My foot is still scarred and probably will be for life.

A patient after dental exosome injection becomes pain free after 4 years of suffering.

I explain why lab testing of freshly thawed exosomes is SUPPOSED to come back as normal saline.

A nine-part comprehensive explanation of exosomes.

I interviewed the principal scientists of Kimera Labs and other experienced clinicians using exosomes

66-yo Deb B went from not being able to do one squat to 100 per day after exosome injection.

80-yo Doug describes in his video how much his knees have improved since getting exosome injections. He is reaching new athletic peaks with no signs of stopping.

My 82-yo mom underwent microneedling with exosomes with fantastic results. Most impressive was the absence of “downtime” from redness or bruising.

54-yo weightlifter with chronic pain from a rotator cuff tear shows remarkable improvement in just four days! He re-injured it at the gym so had to undergo a repeat shoulder injection

48-yo woman with severe face blindness experiences some improvement after nasal injections of exosomes. Her ability to remember new faces has improved permanently

I delivered two lectures in Hawaii. The first was about exosomes generally and the second is a password-protected video about clinical applications.

Three cases of middle-aged women reporting enhanced enjoyment and renewed capacity to read after nasal exosome therapy

Two cases of improved dental health presented. We discuss the hazards of EMF and the promising future of dental regenerative therapy

We discuss the notion of energy centers known as chakras and the fact that we are electrical beings

A case of improvement in Seborrheoic Dermatitis after microneedling with MSC exosomes is presented.

I explain how poor we are at assessing change and how attribution and recall bias play important roles

In the past year, there has been a lot of shifting loyalties in the exosome space resulting in a lot of rumor, innuendo, and bad press. With various parties trying to get each other in trouble with federal regulators, it is a treacherous business to be in.

I describe a case of an 86-yo woman whose chronic leg rash disappeared after improvement in her leg circulation

I use a car wash analogy to answer the question “how long do exosomes last?” The answer is it depends on how dirty and damaged the car is, how well you clean it, and how dirty you get it after washing.

I describe four cases of improvement of osteoartritic knees from my trip to Hawaii.

I explain the three definitions of placebo and why I believe most of the effects of exosomes cannot be attributed to the so-called placebo effect.

Some remarkable “soft signs” of exosome effects include itching (new nerves), twitching (new muscles), and heaviness (a healing FORCE).

Three amigos came to see me and all enjoyed benefits. The best was the 48-yo gentleman who had a dramatic improvements to his irritable bowel syndrome, varicose veins, and appearance.

I address the common observation from patients that exosomes seem “smart” or that they know where to go. In fact, I doubt this is true and that they are no smarter than player piano scrolls are good musicians.

I gave a lecture at the University of Hawaii with about 80 attendees. Around 10 of them were actual patients. Hear in their own words how exosomes helped them.

I describe two cases of improved leg swelling and explain what causes this common condition and how exosomes may be improving it.

We present an amazing case of overnight nerve regeneration after ultrasound-targeted exosome injections.


37 thoughts on “Exosomes 1: The Journey Begins”

  1. Thanks for this information Dr. Park. It is so exciting!! How long does the pain last that is put into the joints or tendons?
    ps. Loved the video where the other Dr showed the regrowth and smoothing out of the hip joint lining. I wondered how they got that photo.

    1. In my case, the heaviness started at day 2 and the pain day 3. It was gone within 24hrs. Thanks for asking. In the case of my 80yo runner friend, the pain started at day 4 and has increased but he may be doing ongoing damage.

  2. martin chitwood

    Thank you, Ed. I am still waiting for the results of my MRI which I had on Saturday, and the comments of my orthopedic surgeon after he has reviewed it. Hopefully, I will have that information soon.

    1. Ok. I think using the exosomes as a healing adjunct makes sense as well. At least it worked for that neurologist, Jordan, who had the severe motorcycle accident

  3. Thanks Dr Park. I’m paying attention. The syntax you used with joint injections indicates that the pain continues,remains.? We are gone until 6/9/19. Keep me posted please. JP

    1. Hello JP. You are quite right about that, I edited the post but to be clear. The pain is transient lasting half a day in my case and maybe a day at the longest. The exception is my 80yo runner who still runs 2 miles daily. I had to beg him to stop while the pain was signalling ongoing inflammation/remodeling so as not to continuously injure it.

  4. thank you for this update, I am noticing very similar effects from iv . i really feel good 4 days after and its strange about the looking and feeling younger part. im already noticing changes. all is good.

      1. this is a fascinating journey. i did 5 billion on 5 17 my dad did 10 billion on 5 19. today i felt some pain and stiffness around my old swanoma tumor site and fusion area. but a simple massage for 2 minutes dissipated it. planning on doing another after my hardware is removed from fusion area in july and see how my dad is doing and continue watching for changes and improvements. my Dad at 86 didnt take a nap at 4pm as he always does for two days and didnt complain of being tired . he was out running errands and teaching and having meetings. something good is happening for sure.

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  7. Very interesting. Is there any thought of how to deliver the treatment beyond injections. I don’t know the science behind it, so sorry if this is an idiotic question.

    1. Hi Matt, this isn’t idiotic. Topical use is beneficial but depends on penetration of the skin via channels. Enteric use (oral or rectal) is mixed…since digestion tends to dissolve everything, this would be ill advised unless you are specifically treating the lining of the mouth or esophagus (cells before the acidic stomach). Rectal has been tried and reported good. Finally, nasal administration via inhalation is popular for CNS access.

      In all cases, the most important factor would be using them soon after thawing. Hope that helps

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