Exosomes – Songs of Healing (SIGNED COPY)


Ed Park, MD  English. 220 pages, 32 color illustrations. Paperback. Pileus Productions; 2023.

Paperback $50 (signed by author)

Also available for $24.95 on Amazon.com or as Ebook (14.95), and Audiobook (19.95)

ISBN: 978-0-9826063-2-2

Non-fiction. HEALTH/WELLNESS – alternative therapies. AGING – Genetics.


The book explains how exosomes are how stem cells conduct healing in both animals and humans. Using analogies, we explore what causes aging and illness and we present this new model of regeneration using exosomes.



This book is a must for any regenerative medicine specialist as it reviews the fundamentals of the disease of aging at the cellular, epigenetic, and genetic levels in a way I have never seen before.                                        

Vince Giampapa, MD

Founder of A4M and CEO RMI-institute


Dr. Park’s new book on exosomes is a must-read!  I have the APOE 4/4 variant genotype. Each time Dr. Park has administered the treatment, my thinking becomes clearer and sharper.”

John Asher, CEO Asher Longevity Inst.

Dr. Park is a personal friend and an “outside-the-box” practitioner we need in order to shift to a whole new level of awareness. To keep things fun and comprehensive, he uses metaphors, diagrams, storytelling, and references to common, everyday things and processes to explain complicated biology.

                Vincent Spano, Actor, Writer, Producer

Songs of Healing is a peek into the future. I am a walking (literally) example of the results of exosome therapy. My story is in the book and my results have turned me into an evangelist. It’s thoughtfully, beautifully, and sometimes humorously written for all by a wonderful, altruistic man whose life mission shifted midstream to help give birth to a hidden healing force within us all. Say hello to the child of the future.

                Bob Johnson, Patient


I received 3 COVID vaccines and then got COVID twice last year. I was experiencing dizzy spells, heart palpitations, and fainted several times. We met, spent some time together, and you gave me my first nasal treatment. The sleep, the energy, headaches, lightheadedness…all of it had either improved so dramatically or disappeared altogether. Please don’t stop doing what you do, Dr. Park. People need you more than they know.   

                Carren Seidel, Patient