About 7 weeks ago, I gave 5B IV MSC exosomes to a 76-yo woman whose medical history is notable for double vision for the last year. Since then, she states the double vision has resolved
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Exosomes 34: Double vision

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Exosomes 34: Double Vision

I love practicing clinical medicine because you really have to use your knowledge, intuition, and imagination. About 7 weeks ago, I gave 5B IV MSC exosomes to a 76-yo woman whose medical history is notable for double vision for the last year. Since then, she states the double vision has resolved. This is the voicemail she sent to me five weeks after treatment:

“I was getting double vision in my left eye and a tiny bit in my right eye. My right eye is completely gone and my left eye is 80% improved”

The patient’s history is notable for possible ovarian malignancy at age17 treated with total hysterectomy, chemo, and radiation. She also had a 400-ft fall from a cliff in a motor vehicle that resulted in a coma and some left eye damage. 

For the last year, she has noted double vision meaning the lines in the road were blurry and there were two lights on her electronic toothbrush. The problem is constant and not intermittent. An opthalmologist stated it might be related to an early cataract. The patient states she has no lazy or crossed eyes. 

Firstly, if doubt it was related to an early cataract if it resolved so quickly. I think that if she doesn’t have eye divergence and because it was persistent, it wasn’t a problem with eye position or drift. So what does that leave? 

It is possible that the nerves from the eyes were rehabilitated in terms of fine motor control or signal transduction back to the brain. But I believe that the most likely mechanism is cerebral; it was all in her head.

I believe that the most likely problem is that she had some injury to her visual cortex in her occipital lobe from what we call a contracoup injury. When her car went over the 400 foot cliff she hit the front of her head badly- so badly her family didn’t recognize her when she was hospitalized in a coma. When the head is decelerated, the front is damaged but often the back is worse because like a Tupperware full of jello, the rebound smashes the back of the brain as shown in this cartoon:

It might surprise you to know that you see with you brain. You do. I know from my TA-65 experience that rarely, people call to say their vision improved literally overnight. The best explanation is not in the screen (cornea and lens), pixels (the retina), the cords (nerves), but rather the video processing computer (the visual cortex in the occipatal lobe).  I believe a decrease in inflammation and a possible refurbishment of the neurons in the brain was responsible for her improvements. 

Many of you have understood the the images on your retina are “upside down” and that the brain “flips them”. Perhaps you didn’t also realize that we all have double vision but we ignore it. In other words, there are always two images that are slightly different being processed. This parallax allows for better 3D depth perception but in truth, we largely ignore one, like we ignore our noses. As someone with a smaller Asian nose, that is easy but if you think about it, you people with bigger noses don’t see it unless you try, right?

Suppressing one of the images is known as “eye dominance”. Take you index fingers and thumbs and form a triangle and then, keeping the triangle on an object 20 feet away, close one eye and then the other. The image that your brain “sees” is which eye is dominant for you. If you close your dominant eye then you can see the other image but usually, it is just as invisible as the nose on your face.

Given that better mood and memory are common reports after exosomes, I believe that the latent damage in the patient’s occipital lobe was unmasked by aging and that neurogenesis, possibly from BDNF or other proteins and mRNAs in the exosomes may have caused some repair or regeneration of some brain damage that is responsible for actively ignoring the non-dominant image that her eyes were transmitting. It is also possible that the cararacts somehow improved as well.

I could be totally wrong but that is my best guess. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I agree with your assessment as the most likely reason her sight has improved. I’m glad you’re back to blogging about exosomes instead of COVID-19. I enjoyed your COVID-19 blogs but I’m just over COVID-19.

  2. Joanne Loudin

    Are you still able to treat patients with exosomes? I have a tbi from fall on head 3 years ago, resulting in double vision.

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