Pharma to join anti-aging…there goes the neighborhood

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Just a brief note about an article that discusses pharmaceutical makers becoming interested in anti-aging. First, they assume that aging is a thing, and not just many things.  Secondly, they presume that nature has nothing to offer because it is not easy to patent and own anything natural.  Finally, they hope to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to earn a potential billions of dollars.

But if illness and aging are combated by a pharmacological solution, say a telomerase activator, then pharma will be sowing the seeds of its own demise as such a panacea would hurt the sales of the true money makers, namely the disease management portfolio.  Just some food for thought…

pharma to search for el dorado

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  1. NO ONE believes I am 84 – 85 in May. Nor do I. I feel the same as I felt at 55 – 60-ish. Same inner spirit, same outlook, same need to get up and DO in the mornings – and now the necessity for NOT disclosing my age when I am seeking employment as an editor or writer. No way is anyone going to hire me not at my real age! It’s almost a hindrance when people say, “NNNN-AAAA-WW, NO WAY JOSE!!!!” And they look at me accusingly as if I lied on purpose. I discovered Dr. Ed when I was researching studies on Triple A aneurysms one of which I have – and my thoughts were if we can land on Mars why can’t someone solve this ugly aneurysm problem that kills so many…and then I read about the work done with curcumin and TA-65 and the Nobel and I cut corners and middles and managed to take it faithfully and now Recharge – and I have only Dr Ed to blame for my perennial youthfulness!! I don’t have creaky joints or lordosis or leaky bladder or fading eyesight or failing brain cells. I’m still working full time! Ya’ got a problem with that?? Write – I’ll send picture!! Some say they can’t afford it and I say they can’t afford NOT TO TAKE IT!

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