NEJM editor turned ‘truther’ questions osteoporosis drugs and everything

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I want to make sure you understand that pharmacology is based on a flawed assumption: that if you block a natural pathway, health and balance will ensue. You might mitigate but there will be downstream problems. The system is designed to be efficient and helpful. The drugs are designed to manage disease while maximizing profit.

It’s World Osteoporosis Day! – But that doesn’t mean it’s a real disease…

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Just as people are now broadly questioning the use of cholesterol-lowering drugs, I believe the use of osteoporosis medications will soon be under fire.

• Did you know these bone health drugs work by poisoning one of the two types of cells charged with maintaining bone health?

• Did you know that Vitamin D can cause osteoporosis?

To learn about the root causes of osteoporosis, which lie in stem cell aging, watch this video that I did: