Obama’s approval rating at 46%, mine is 84%!!

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You can keep your own score, but in my insignificant opinion, POTUS gets 4 out of 10 and a 40% grade is probably an “F”, unless we grade on a Harvard grade-inflation curve against other current POTUSes, in which case he might be worthy of a third term with an “A”.

Do adaptogens help you recover more quickly from colds and flus?

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24 hrs ago, I was suffering from headache, cough, fevers, chills, and body aches. After 4 capsules of RECHARGE and 12 hrs sleep, I seem to be fine.

One of the most frequent reports I get is that people taking RECHARGE or TA-65 get less frequent and less severe colds. I think it is because the immune system copies and mounts a stronger response. Here is a blog linking telomeres to colds

The seven year itch- spouses, cars, and your own body

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As an anti-aging physician, I feel I should keep my car alive even though it has so many mechanical, electrical, and cosmetic problems; but as a consumer, I feel that keeping it for an eighth year is nostalgia and frugality gone awry. But as I write about in my book, “Telomere Timebombs”, there are some, like Irv Gordon, who can keep their cars running for 3 Million miles:

Become a Lokahi Guru online affiliate and do well – as you also do some good

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Great news! The website is now ready to scale up so anybody who wants to introduce friends to RECHARGEā„¢ can also make some money doing it.

When you go to http://lokahi.guru/opportunity/?ap_id=drpark, anyone can now easily sign up to be an affiliate and keep track of your customers and friends whom you refer.