Do adaptogens help you recover more quickly from colds and flus?

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24 hrs ago, I was suffering from headache, cough, fevers, chills, and body aches. After 4 capsules of RECHARGE and 12 hrs sleep, I seem to be fine.

One of the most frequent reports I get is that people taking RECHARGE or TA-65 get less frequent and less severe colds. I think it is because the immune system copies and mounts a stronger response. Here is a blog linking telomeres to colds

The seven year itch- spouses, cars, and your own body

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As an anti-aging physician, I feel I should keep my car alive even though it has so many mechanical, electrical, and cosmetic problems; but as a consumer, I feel that keeping it for an eighth year is nostalgia and frugality gone awry. But as I write about in my book, “Telomere Timebombs”, there are some, like Irv Gordon, who can keep their cars running for 3 Million miles:

Become a Lokahi Guru online affiliate and do well – as you also do some good

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Great news! The website is now ready to scale up so anybody who wants to introduce friends to RECHARGE™ can also make some money doing it.

When you go to, anyone can now easily sign up to be an affiliate and keep track of your customers and friends whom you refer.

Look forward to going back! (or the more things change, the LESS they stay the same)

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at 47 years of age, my new Vespa is much cooler than the old one and now I appreciate it more. Likewise, 75-yo Karl was voted MVP for pitching two winning games and hitting .597 at the Cincinnati Reds’ Fantasy Baseball camp appreciates his performance more.