Guatemalans infected with syphilis to benefit US drug testing in the 1950’s

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It would appear that The Rockefeller Foundation, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Johns Hopkins, and US aid groups conspire to infect Guatemalans with syphilis to test penicillin. It’s a conspiracy theorist’s dream. Secretary Clinton apologized in 2010 for this revelation but the courts ruled in 2012 that there is no liability for actions outside the US.

“Aging as Art” – Is it Schadenfreude or just existential sleight-of-hand?

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This judged photography contest celebrated photography of older people who were “aging gracefully.” It made me realize just how I have crossed to “beyond the looking glass” because I am looking back and I don’t recognize what I see on YOUR side of the mirror. The idea of aging as art just strikes me as a horrible case of schadenfreude, or the enjoyment of suffering. Again, that is because I truly believe aging is a choice and can be prevented and reversed.