My 80yo patient now measures 20 years younger! (*after just three years of TA)

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Anyway, thank you to our patient who through considerable faith and expense has provided a very interesting anecdote. If you stopped taking TA-65 because you didn’t feel anything you are not alone. But there is a measurable reason to believe that “the second year is even better than the first” as so many long-term patients have remarked.

Rave reviews for my book, “Telomere Timebombs: Defusing the terror of aging”

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While TA-65 was selected on the basis of activating telomerase, the effects seem to go beyond what I would expect of just having longer telomeres. Dr. Park theorizes that there are at least 4 mechanisms of action: prevention, faster replication, stochastic, and apoptosis.

#stopthemyth – the important message of Bill and Melinda Gates

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Bravo to Bill and Melinda Gates for their annual letter just released that explains why poor countries are not always going to be poor, why foreign aid is NOT a waste of money, and why Mathusian fears of overpopulation have never been justified by real world examples

Racism is like rust and rust is like telomere erosion. So It’s all “TRUE, TRUE, and Unrelated”?

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The point I’m trying to make is that everything we think we “know” about racism, telomere length, and aging could be factually correct AND seemingly contradictory if we don’t get to a deeper understanding of how the islands of facts are connected when the water of appearances is drained from the oceans of meaning.