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Honor Columbus on this Day? I’d rather let Washington football fans keep their name…

Many would default to the notion that revisionism of the Columbus story is a politically-correct act of sophistry engaged in by elitists and malcontents. They might argue that any reevaluation of Columbus Day is cynical because there is no absolute standard of good an evil; everything is just a matter of degrees and subject to moral relativism right? I mean Lincoln was probably a racist and MLK had affairs. So why not give Christopher Columbus a bye here?

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Honoring those who gave their lives

Tomorrow is Memorial Day here in the United States, a day when we honor those who died during war. For some historical perspective, here is a list of the seven most lethal wars that mankind has faced. Some people think wars are good for the economy. I don’t agree.

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Cinco de Mayo tip for hangovers

TA-65 helps most people with hangovers although you may not be a “cheap date” if you’re taking it because it will be harder to become intoxicated as well.

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