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Healthy lifestyle choices lengthen telomeres

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It appears that healthy choices make your telomeres longer. How is this happening? Increased telomerase activity? How is that happening? Probably better quality sleep and decreased cortisol levels, inflammation, and damage to stem cells. To learn a grand unified theory of aging and disease that dovetails with this clinical research, read “Telomere Timebombs: Defusing the terror of aging”

lobsters don't naturally go to heaven- they go to red lobster

How to be immortal- courtesy of the lobster

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Everyone assumes a lot of things about aging. But it is not necessarily a normal thing. Take lobsters for instance: As explained in Chapter 5: “Stem Cells” in my book Telomere Timebombs: Defusing the terror of aging, telomerase keeps stem cells alive and so it should come as no surprise that 20% of lobsters’ cells are stem cells.  …

Could an 8-Year-Old who Never Ages Reveal ‘Biological Immortality’?

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A recent TLC Documentary features 8-year old Gabby Williams, who lives with a mysterious medical condition that prevents her from growing and aging. By contrast, in Telomere Timebombs (Chapter 7, Aging Fast, Slow or Not at All), I discuss how aging is a very abstract concept, just like truth and beauty. I also discuss how aging slowly isn’t magic, but rather maintenance.