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Hello, I promised to have the book available by today, my 46th birthday.. .Well, it turns out it is a lot of work to make sure it’s very close to perfect. We are burning the midnight oil to make the book available as promised, putting the final touches on the Kindle version, submitting the print version for proofing, and will …

Creating the New Super Athlete

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Here’s the Men’s Journal piece on sports performance enhancement, including a vignette on TA-65.  This is the current August 2013 issue of the magazine. [ePaper]

Glee star dies – Did insomnia kill him?

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Hi, I have been too busy to post because of trying to get “Telomere Timebombs” out on Kindle by July 29th, my 46th birthday!  I felt that I just had to post about the recent death of Glee star, Cory Monteith, in Vancounver. Watch my PODCAST #26 to learn why it isn’t the drugs but rather insomnia that causes celebs like Heath Ledger, Jimi …