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Shorter telomeres confer higher risk of dying

In this excellent review of the telomeres of 65,000 Danish people over seven years, they found that shorter telomeres were independently associated with about a 50% higher chance of dying after controlling for all confounding variables.

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Constipation webinar

Here is the last PODCAST Number 45, which was about constipation.
Why do dogs eat that stuff? Why does it smell? What’s a normal shape? Everything you never wanted to know about defecation and didn’t really give a you-know-what about to begin with.

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How RECHARGE saved my ski vacation

The first day of snowboarding often involves falling and yesterday was no exception. When I got home, I had a sprained right wrist and a pretty bad case of whiplash. I couldn’t even sit up before I went to bed, having to roll to the side to adjust the pillows.

So I took six RECHARGE capsules and slept for eight hours and no wrist pain and barely a sore neck. And bonus! I was able to ski all day today!

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