92-yo man keeps ordering TA-65 for the hair and dreams

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This week, I was speaking with my 92-yo patient, Edward L, who kept on telling me he didn’t fell anything different after three years of using a telomerase activator.

So I asked him why he continued using it, and he replied, “it’s the best thing out there”.

When we probed a little deeper, it seems that a lot of his blonde hair was coming back (people love that) and that he started lucid dreaming again.

Claudine’s testimonial- aka “The Panacea effect”

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I am on TA 65 for a year now and have cut back on a lot of other supplements. I plan of taking TA 65 for the rest of my life. I am 57 years old and feel great. Thank you for your dedication, your educational webcasts and your book. It is all very much appreciated!

Hairy tales, but not fairy tales

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For tonight, I just wanted to post a fascinating and unredacted email from Ralph P. of Colorado. His observations are not uncommon of the system-wide regeneration experienced when taking Ta-65.  Of note, his enthusiasm to start a PhD at age 61 is one of the wonderful things that happens when you make the “existential U-turn” and truly believe that the …