AIDS is a form of Aging (and vice versa)

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Just a quick note about an article linking HIV and shortened telomeres.


The study found that HIV, which is known to infect T-cells, was linked to shortened telomeres in those same white blood cells.

This happens for two reasons: first there is increased turnover from the HIV infection and secondly, the T-cells are used up fighting the infection. One typical measure of advanced HIV or AIDS is a CD4 (T-helper count) of <400.

In my practice, we have the ability to measure your immune reserve and we also measure the CD4 counts, ratio of CD4/CD8 cells (also depressed in HIV), and CD28neg (or senescent) T cells.

It is fair to say that aging itself, with its blunted responses to viruses, cancers, and other infections, is a form of acquired immune deficiency.

It is interesting and a bit sad to note that a study at UCLA in 2009 showed efficacy of TAT-2 (possibly the same as TA-65) in combating HIV infection and T-cell senescence yet because of the lack of path to profitability, there has been no follow up.

To understand more about how viruses like chicken pox and infectious mono cause us to age us faster and may be causing aging, watch my podcast:

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