Bill Andrews explains why telomerase doesn’t cause cancer

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At the 2016 Age Medicine Management Group conference, I sat down with noted telomere scientist, Dr. Bill Andrews, the CEO of Sierra Sciences. He explains how the misconception of telomerase causing cancer got started and why it actually is the opposite.

It is always eye-opening to spend some time with Bill, who has the kind of breadth and depth of knowledge that you rarely encounter in one person.

For another take on the telomerase/cancer connection, watch this video that I did:

Ed Park, MD

Ed Park, MD

I graduated from Harvard with honors in Biological Anthropology prior to earning my Medical Degree and Masters in Public Health from Columbia University.In 2007, I became the nineteenth patient to sign up for the use of a herbally-extracted telomerase activator.
The results were so positive that I founded Recharge Biomedical Clinic in 2008 and have since become the leading medical expert in this exciting new field of regenerative medicine.
I won The Houston Film Festival Award for my screenplay about Hypatia of Alexandria.
In 2013, I wrote and published "Telomere Timebombs; Defusing the Terror of Aging"
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