Colonialism, perpetual war, and the banality of oligarchical collectivism

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We live in interesting times. But it is too bad that the world is so easily manipulated by fear and closed to the notion that we are all on this planet together to coexist. The velocity of money fuels the progress of a few men whilst the world-soul degrades.

Stan still shrinking heads at age 86; Suzanne Somers still on a roll in Vegas at age 68.

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“The book is very well written by an expert in Longevity Sciences, and a brilliant researcher as well.
I now am a rarity among my colleagues; still working full time and fully functional at this advanced age. I am the oldest psychiatrist in Philadelphia, thanks to the help of Dr Ed!! “

Your choice of telomere articles today

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I have not watched the entire Blackburn interview but if you are so inclined, have at it:

She is not looking any younger but does give an account of playing with ants as a girl in Australia.

Alternatively, you could look at the other Google Alerts for today about telomeres showing that protecting them reduces aging whereas permitting telomere recombination ages them:

“La Dolce Vita” star, Anita Ekberg, passed away today

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Anita Ekberg, the Trevi Fountain-dancing star of La Dolce Vita, passed away today.  Here is an article about her.   Here is the iconic scene from Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita” that gave us the term “Paparazzi” (Paparazzo was an annoying photojournalist in that film). So what is it about a young starlet that is so appealing?  Keats wrote in …

How does it feel to be immortal? My answer might surprise you…

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My feelings cannot be fractally scaled out like an accordion to experience the accelerated loss of loved ones or ennui with my fourth century of watching reruns of sports, TV premises, movies and wars.

I am aware that accidental death and dismemberment are always lurking because I have no reason to think that they wouldn’t.

I guess I just feel … the same. Life has its own rhythm and it happens, as trite as it may sound, one day at a time. If we are healthy, sleep sends us home each night and with each new day we reboot the operating system and live out the programming.