Addictions represent impaired relearning from sleep dysfunction

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This is one of my favorite webinars. In it, I discovered that the celebrities that seemed to die of addictions were really dying of their self-medication of sleep dysfunction. From Michael Jackson to Jimi Hendrix, the doctors’ cures and the distillers spirits only made the problem worse.

But efficient sleep can help with the unlearning of addictions and therefore adaptogens that enhance sleep function appear to help get off things like Ambien.

Is depression related to shorter telomeres in girls?

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The research in this field is tended to reject the link between depression and shorter telomeres but in recent years, the studies have been mixed with a greater number of studies showing an association (like this Epel study from the NHNES study data that I recently blogged about) whereas other show no correlation like this New Zealand study.

Is Telomerase Good or Bad?

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The inadequate lengthening of telomeres by telomerase allows for mutations to occur. But after carcinogenesis has occurred, the ongoing action of telomerase in those immortal cells allows for lengthening, thereby obscuring the relationship between median telomere length and cancer risk.

How to choose a surgeon (and how to stay alive despite their cookbook approach to treating you)

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Doctors are seldom allowed and even less frequently motivated to deviate from standard of care, which frowns upon removing the dandelion (the primary cancer of origin) after the seeds have spread (the distant metastases).