“Don’t leave home without it!”

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I am in trouble. I had 20+ things to do yesterday and somehow missed the fine print on my to-do list. I got it 97% right but forgot to bring my TA-65 skiing with me to Mammoth Mountain.  Ugh.

As Roger Daltrey (one of the few celebs to “come out of the closet” about using TA-65) said in the 1985 about the Amex card: “Don’t leave home without it.”  Well I have my Amex card, I just don’t have my TA-65.


Roger Daltrey in the 1985 Amex ad



Background: I do hot yoga daily which is both good and bad for my Achilles tendon, which I must have overstretched about three months ago.  I thought once that the TA was exacerbating the tendon so I stopped for three days. After stopping, I couldn’t walk, even with a boot!   So I doubled my TA to 8 and it went away overnight.  I went back to 4 nightly and it has been fine.

But now I am lying in bed, waking up after a not-very-restful night of sleep, in the cold, with three days of skiing and snowboarding ahead of me and a really sore Achilles tendon.   For more info on how many people experience more rapid recovery from sports injuries, see my 22nd Podcast:

podcast 22



If I had brought my TA, I would be rested, have less or no pain, and breath easier at altitude.  There is no withdrawal so my mood is fine but I have to say there is a bit of dread over not being able to fully enjoy my very aggressive skiing and snowboarding fun.

Many patients resent having to continue taking the TA. But if and when you don’t care about getting older and breaking down, you can stop. For me, it is a cost of living (well) expense.  I suppose it’s a bit like complaining about your electricity costs after winning a free Tesla Model S.  There is a way to beat aging and it is safe and effective.  It just isn’t free – yet,

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