Happy Earth Day! How overpopulated are we now? How can we all survive?

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For those who appreciate a good infographic, I liked this one:


This shows that all humans, standing side by side fit is a tiny geographical area. This isn’t even with the benefit of high rise living!

Although people fear overpopulation, the truth is that when there is high wealth and low childhood mortality, populations don’t even produce enough humans to reach replacement fertility:



Are we really in a deficit? Where does all our money go?  68% went towards perpetual funding of the military and medical-industrial complexes and our debt (quantitative easing and defense of the petrodollar as reserve currency). What if there were no wars and people didn’t get old and sick because of telomerase activation?

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Much of what goes into paying expenses involves lighting, and HVAC. What if those costs were negligible from solar energy?

If we allowed abundance to occur, we would have a situation of over-productivity and price deflation. We would have to incentivize people to consume.

And if the world could be set up with free energy, sustainable home farming, and clean water, we would have a sort of utopia.  Unless you sell things like political conflict, utilities, and consumerism.

The earth is a wonderful place to live even if we don’t cherish and sustain it, it will continue to do that for us.  No matter how much we frack her, mess with her ionosphere, and try to manipulate her, she is a self-healing organism.

Gaia theory holds that the earth is a system. Since we are just an emergent part of the system, like a yeast colony, we cannot really destroy the earth despite our efforts to make a buck and enslave a few billion in the bargain.  Happy Earth Day!



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