Harold Rosen does the swinging rings at age 88

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Harold Rosen, inventor of the geosynchronous satellite, is a true believer in TA-65. Sure, you may not be but just consider how this video might challenge your assumptions about getting older in a healthy and sustainable fashion:


You can take his word for it when he says the TA-65 is helping or you can ascribe it to the placebo effect or other factors.

All I know is, they both love taking TA-65 and have been doing so for over three years now.

(Deborah, his wife, asked me to make sure you know he is not currently doing the rings because his shoulder is hurting.)


Is this really real?

I like what noted Sci-fi author PK Dick said about reality:

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”

You don’t believe that aging can be combated with TA-65. But Harold and his love for life aren’t going away.

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