Mainstream medicines are actually the complements to the true healing, which is always systemic and holistic

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I remember as a medical student, a wise doctor named Atilla Mady who once told me that antibiotics only help control the infection, but the body and its immune system the real entity that overwhelms infection.

In this video, I discuss why I now believe that all disease stems from the same process of telomere erosion and that the body has the ability to cure itself by recognition and destruction of damaged stem cells


all healing is holistic


This article talks about how a recent Journal of the AMA article showed that meditation is proven to improve health and wellbeing.

meditation is good for you


….And here is the JAMA article referenced:


For my take on the subject, download my guide on the “5 things you can do to improve your telomerase activity”

5 things you can to to increase telomerase activity


The article was commented on in a piece called “moving toward evidence-based complimentary care”

That is EXACTLY what I aim to do with PROBONOTRIALS.ORG. I want to do small pilot studies on telomerase activators and other natural cures that no one will test because there is no profit or ownership involved. This would represents a public good (hence pro bono publico) but a private non-starter, I suppose.

My hope is revisit the topics of my 46 webinars with new, live webinars that consult with experts in these field, and then brainstorm pilot studies for us to undertake.  Each independent, privately-funded trial will answer a question and be conducted by an independent CRO (clinical research organization).

Let’s launch dozens of new IndiGoGo camplaign(s) to “crowdfund” research into TA-65 and other natural remedies.  No one is going to answer these questions for us so it’s time we to took matters into our own hands.


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