Meditation activates telomerase

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In this important study co-authored by Nobel Prize Winner for the discovery of the enzyme telomerase, they found significant increases in telomerase activity among participants in daily meditation.

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I contend that most people don’t have six hours to meditate every day but they do have six hours to sleep. That is why I recommend taking adaptogenic supplements at night, to get the most from the metabolically-active repairing time of rest.  As the Dalai Lama, who comes from a long tradition of meditators said, “Sleep is the best meditation.”



Watch this video to understand more about the mysterious effects of adaptogenic herbs on sleep.


The same improvements we have seen with TA-65 tend to occur with my supplement, RECHARGE. Why not give it a try or keep a bottle in the medicine cabinet just in case?  I never leave home without it, especially if crossing time zones.

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