Our voting system could use a technological disruption

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There is a lot of history about voting rights and it all comes down to this: the system works for those who run it-

Yesterday, I went to a polling place and was told that I needed a provisional ballot because they had mailed me a vote-by-mail one. Apparently, to avoid fraud, I needed to bring the vote-by-mail ballot and surrender it- which I was ignorant of.

I had attempted to cancel vote by mail status a month prior on the voter website and although it said I had succeeded, the existence of an outstanding ballot trumped that so I was treated like a persona non grata at the polling place.

One would think that voting could be made simpler but there are so many ways to rig the system.

CkEI2ETUgAEBGBQThere were 8M Democratic and 4M independent voters and yet only a little over 3M votes were Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 4.10.12 PMcounted yesterday in California’s Democratic contest, raising the question of how many people were given provisional ballots which may never be counted. The officials in Orange County and reportedly other officials were instructing poll workers to not appraise people of their rights to vote as Republican or Democrat in the primary but rather to take a provisional ballot.

I would hope that with concerns about shenanigans, someone could invent a voting system that was anonymous, verifiable, and fraud-proof. But perhaps the whole point of the system is to keep people from feeling enfranchised and to learn helplessness.

We need a blockchain technological voting solution where no single computer can jeopardize the results and where the database is generated by a clear audit trail, like the security that comes with crytpocurrencies like Bitcoin.  If we were to do that, more people could be represented in their democracy and all they would need would be to have access to a computer. Luckily, this company, Follow My Vote has already taken care of it!

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