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In this brief interview, I ask sexpert Dr. Jen Landa about whether we are wired for one sex partner per lifetime, what the normal frequency of sexual relations should be, and whether the modern American man is a creature in decline.


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  1. Morality is a difficult question. I have a son who is a mormon, he completely abstains from sex. A lot of Mormons believe that you are to marry 1 person and not only will you be with that person during this lifetime, Mormons believe that that will be united with that person in the after life. The prophet Joseph smith used used to be married to 40 different women. The while question if religion is reaalu complicated.

  2. On a lighter note, I appreciate the information you are offering to the world. Your videos are great. You are obviously A SMART COOKIE, haha. Thank you for helping the rest of us. You are great.

  3. Haha. One more thing: very few people are AWARE TO WHAT You are sharing.
    This is why the rest of the world is killing itself buying processed food. You are a beautiful being. The world needs more people who are awake, like you. Enjoy the sunshine, I’m stuck in Iowa. Haha. No sunshine in iowa, nothing but clouds. I want to to get out. I need some vitamin D.

  4. Sexual appeal has very little to do with the genitals. The central organ for sexual appeal and/or desire is the mind. The child that has been reared without caring love and with repression of any and all references to sex or anything remotely connected to it will be much more inclined to be promiscuous or frigid, one or the other. Fifty Shades is ridiculous and is enforcing the artificiality of most of the sexuality out there today. There is no compassion or thoughtful generosity or nurturing care/love in that book. It’s another step in the downward journey into the base and forbidden areas of degeneration. Sexual Attraction is a gift. Sexuality is also a gift but some people USE it to CONTROL OTHERS. The mutuality of healthy sex is the gold ring. If two people want the other to be all they can be, the relationship is a strong, healthy one. If either individual in a couple is USING sex to “conquer” or result in an advantage for either over the other, then it is not healthy and becomes sick and twisted. Non-human animals are by nature promiscuous. Human beings have been given another GIFT. We can actually LOVE and CHERISH another and want them to become all they dream of becoming – and when they love and cherish us the same way, there is no greater feeling of being LOVED for the person we really are. There is more to sex than dildos and vibrators and strippers and illicit behavior and mechanical titillation. Those rare individuals who have the security of a mutual, caring long-term love with another without manipulation or possessiveness have discovered the truly Greatest Gift – Love with the dignity of a mutual caring and respect. This is the source of the most rewarding sexual love and caring any of us can hope to find. To smear it with the low-class indignity of cheap porn like 50 Ways, etc., is shameful and a complete waste of time for the self-respecting humans who recognize a fast money-maker when they see it. We are animals, yes, but as humans we are more evolved than non-humans on this whirling planet. Self-respect cannot exist in the same “pasture” as deliberate and pre-meditated porn, contrived to increase income.. That is not love.

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