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I received this testimonial about my adaptogeneic supplement, RECHARGE. As Julie mentions, most people feel the difference from the very first night!!

“A couple of months ago I first tried RECHARGE, thanks to hearing of the amazing results an acquaintance of mine was having, after having used it for some 3 months. It seemed as though every part of his life was enhanced by it, and as I had tried virtually everything under the sun for my severe and prolonged sleep issues, insomnia along with mild to moderate sleep apnea, I thought, what could I possibly lose?

I should mention that I am fundamentally very healthy, and my main problem for at least the past 8 years has been disturbed sleep patterns so severe, I was having dangerously high blood pressure for the first time in my life, which thankfully has stopped, thanks to a return to a mostly normal sleep pattern. At its worst, I was sleeping about 2-4 hours per night, total.

insomnia4There were nights when I could not sleep more than an hour at a time. One memorable night, when I was still working, I did not fall asleep at all, but went to work anyway. I was afraid to drive under the circumstances, so instead took a shuttle to work. I could barely walk up the stairs to the shuttle, or indeed, walk at all!  I “crashed” a bit later on at work, and had to go home to bed. That was about 7 years ago or so, and I have since retired. There would have been no way for me to continue working with this sort of condition.


I expected that I might see some results from using RECHARGE after some weeks. To my surprise and delight, I noticed a difference the very first night! Not only was I able to fall right back to sleep if I awakened, I noted vivid dreams. I used to have vivid dreams back in the 1980s when I was in a dream group. In 1988 I stopped writing my dreams down for the group meetings because there was no longer anything to write about. I hadn’t remembered my dreams in all of these years, until just recently when I began using Recharge. The dreams are one indication of achieving much-needed restful and restorative sleep.


I have already taken steps to fulfill one of my goals in retirement, taking some online classes and training in a subject which has interested me my entire life. I am also able to be more active and take more frequent walks and do more gym workouts, and may soon take on some part-time work. All these are things I have had to put off indefinitely, due to never being rested enough to do more than the barest minimum to keep the household going for myself and my husband. I look forward to a new era in my life!”

– Julie R. (65-yo woman from Santa Cruz)

Recharge™ — This Changes Everything!

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Ed Park, MD

I graduated from Harvard with honors in Biological Anthropology prior to earning my Medical Degree and Masters in Public Health from Columbia University.

In 2007, I became the nineteenth patient to sign up for the use of a herbally-extracted telomerase activator.

The results were so positive that I founded Recharge Biomedical Clinic in 2008 and have since become the leading medical expert in this exciting new field of regenerative medicine treating over 1,300 patients with this exciting new telomerase activation medicine.

I won two Houston Film Festival Awards for my screenplays about Hypatia of Alexandria and Ed Brown of Kentucky.

In 2010 I wrote and self-published a Sci-Fi Graphic Novel called MAXIMUM LIFESPAN

In 2013, I wrote and published "Telomere Timebombs; Defusing the Terror of Aging"

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