Sex associated with longer telomeres in women

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In a 2017 study of 129 mothers, researchers at UCSF found that having sexual intercourse was associated with longer telomeres, which are associated with better health and increased longevity.

How long should this sex last? In a 1991 Kinsey Institute report, 75% of men ejaculated within 2 minutes, 50% of the time. The median time to ejaculation was 5.4 minutes according to one study.

According to this British study of 4400 couples, 30 minutes was deemed ideal but the median was 19 minutes.

Want to know about the ideal frequency of sex?

You might enjoy this lively interview I did with reknowned “sexpert”, Dr. Jen Landa. In it, we discuss the ideal frequency of sex, the success of polyamory, and the domestication of the American male. She handles my provocative questions like a veritable Wonder Woman!

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