Skeptic’s Guide to Telomeres and out-of-reach grapes

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In the interests of “Fair and Balanced” reporting, I will share this article. Please note the title and goal involves “debunking” and that it represents one person’s opinion.

If a skeptic is hell-bent on proving something, he is not really a skeptic but rather a true believer.  His belief is in mistrust.  There is no one more skeptical than I, I assure you. I simply come from the viewpoint that I can’t disbelieve something just because it will be ridiculed by people like the author.

If you add attitude, some facts, and a clear bias, this amounts to generation of heat, but not always light.  If telomerase were not important, then nature would not have preserved it in every single complex life form on the planet.  But since the author wishes to debunk, you get the rough equivalent of a woman scorned extolling the virtues of dating men.


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