April Fool’s Day – what’s the difference between a joke and a lie?

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On this day, we discuss the difference between a joke and a like. Secondly, what makes something funny? Finally, what makes something in poor taste, offensive, or even abusive? In my family, we love to joke around and I told my kids that if something untrue is thrown out there and not qualified withing 40 seconds, the joke becomes a …

Know your history, dudes! Abe Lincoln did something far more heroic (and badass) than just ‘freeing the slaves’

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If TA-65 had been discovered in the 19th century, President Lincoln would now be turning 205 years old, tweeting like a boss from his yacht staffed by models recruited from the KGB and the Mossad and using his personal brand as a consultant helping to rehabilitate Governor Chris Christie’s run for the presidency.