Satellites! How orbits and humans decay…

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I am extremely grateful to be able to tell you that the FTC contacted my lawyers and informed them that I would be dropped from the suit against TA Sciences

Philosophy, religion, and science are one

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I am grateful for all the moral support I am receiving during the Federal Trade Commission effort to silence me.  Yesterday, I received a call from a banker, viewer of all my videos and blogs, and user of TA-65 to help pay my legal defense. He compared my ideas to Galileo and Tesla, which was very kind. Today, I revisited the Manly P. …

How does it feel to be immortal? My answer might surprise you…

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My feelings cannot be fractally scaled out like an accordion to experience the accelerated loss of loved ones or ennui with my fourth century of watching reruns of sports, TV premises, movies and wars.

I am aware that accidental death and dismemberment are always lurking because I have no reason to think that they wouldn’t.

I guess I just feel … the same. Life has its own rhythm and it happens, as trite as it may sound, one day at a time. If we are healthy, sleep sends us home each night and with each new day we reboot the operating system and live out the programming.