It’s World Osteoporosis Day! – But that doesn’t mean it’s a real disease…

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Just as people are now broadly questioning the use of cholesterol-lowering drugs, I believe the use of osteoporosis medications will soon be under fire.

• Did you know these bone health drugs work by poisoning one of the two types of cells charged with maintaining bone health?

• Did you know that Vitamin D can cause osteoporosis?

To learn about the root causes of osteoporosis, which lie in stem cell aging, watch this video that I did:

“The bones of a 40-year-old?” That’s what my mom’s back surgeon said…

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Invariably, bones are very weak and porous after 70 and don’t hold the hardware well so perhaps long term use of TA has helped their bone health?

Life happens Part 2: Man’s best friend? Not for this lady

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She had uneventful surgery and was discharged after one day. She only required a walker for three days and took no pain pills. The surgeon remarked that he couldn’t believe how healthy both her bones and joints were. I can’t say that it is related but this is certainly not typical for an 87 yo woman. (Of note, she and her husband have both been taking a telomerase activator for 1.5 yrs.)