Vitamin K (special MK4 and Mk7 forms) is needed for Vitamin D to be properly used
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Vitamin K is needed for Vitamin D to function properly

I posted a video from the memorial of my dear friend, Tamara Sofi. As a leader in the field of nutrition, she was passionate about getting the word out about the role of Vitamin K (Mk4 and MK7 forms) in utilizing Vitamin D. Without these special forms of Vitamin K, taking vitamin D can actually be harmful, leading to immune dysfunction, osteoporosis, and pathological calcifications (atherosclerosis).



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  1. Thalya DeMott

    The Vitamin K and D compatibility has made a noticeable difference in my immunity since starting this regimen about six months ago. At age 66, my healing processes are dramatically more efficient than before. Many thanks to Dr. Park for bringing this important nutritional information to our attention!

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