Better to smoke than to drink a Coke?

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For #ScienceSunday, I feel compelled to discuss a study that got a fair amount of press linking shorter telomeres to sugary soda consumption. In a brilliant yet tragic attempt to sell copy, some news outlets proclaimed sodas to be worse than smoking.

“So doc, am I forty years younger… or just $500 poorer?”

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For today’s #ScienceSunday, I am going to have to discuss a murky subject brought on by the recent telomere results of my patients which arguably showed massive improvements in telomere length without commensurate increases in biological age. Here is the email I received:

Angry birds!! Even our feathered-friends have telomere erosion from stress

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Just a brief note for #ScienceSunday.  Reading my blogs, you might thing the anecdotes are just for me, my patients, people or mammals…but telomere erosion is accelerated in any creature undergoing stress. Check out this study revealing that birds have the same issues that we do, from inception to grave: