Is Telomerase Good or Bad?

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The inadequate lengthening of telomeres by telomerase allows for mutations to occur. But after carcinogenesis has occurred, the ongoing action of telomerase in those immortal cells allows for lengthening, thereby obscuring the relationship between median telomere length and cancer risk.

We All Have Cancer, But How Much? – iHealthTube18

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For today’s #WebinarWednesday, we return to the penultimate iHealthTube video interview. I explain why we are like cars and that with time, if we survive all our cancers, we would eventually accumulate them all. Just like if you drive a car for millions of miles, you will replace all parts.

Mainstream medicines are actually the complements to the true healing, which is always systemic and holistic

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In this video, I discuss why I now believe that all disease stems from the same process of telomere erosion and that the body has the ability to cure itself by recognition and destruction of damaged stem cells